Living in 90 Square Feet

Chapter Four – Tiny House Extreme

Location: Route 66

Mile 5300. Day 25.

I’ve said all along to spend any amount of time in Betty you need to have patience. To sleep two people in Betty you need to really like each other.  And to travel across the continent in Betty you must have a sense of humor.

Some days that’s easier than others.

Driving down the road people stare. When we are set up at a campsite people want to come look, and even take photos.

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Sometimes when that gets old I need to remind myself if I don’t want the attention I shouldn’t be driving across two countries pulling a bright pink trailer.  I mean really  what did I expect?image

Cooking in Betty presents some challenges, but we are committed to cook and avoid eating in restaurants as often as possible so we are creative with dining – stove top cooking only and dishwashing in dish pans on the picnic table.image

Laundry hasn’t been much of a problem. We have found laundry available in many of our campgrounds. The only problem we had, was when I hung a towel to dry over a light fixture and it caught on fire! Yikes!

We have a system down for setting up and tearing down at each site.  When we pull into a site I jump in the trailer and get the inside organized and decorated while Arne gets the exterior set up, level and decorated.  It takes about 20 minutes. Then we have a gin and tonic.image

Although we prefer to stay more than one day at each site, it’s not so difficult to set up and tear down if we don’t.

We went to  Walmart early in the trip and bought a few things to make life in Betty a bit easier; a battery operated lantern, a turf door mat for outside, a small rug to wipe our feet inside and more dishcloths.  Oh the luxuries of life!image

We’ve been pretty lucky with the weather and so far we have only eaten dinner two times indoors. When that is necessary we have a small table we set up. We also use that table for scrabble and cribbage. It folds up and tucks away when we don’t need it.image

Our bed is also the couch. Some days we don’t fold the bed up. It’s just easier not to. Neither of us sleep soundly in this space, but it’s not too bad, given the dimensions.  We sleep with our heads at opposite ends of the bed.  Arne says its like the grandparents in Charlie and the Chocolate Family.  It does give us a bit more room to move about at night.

The biggest challenge of course is when I have to pee in the middle of the night – and I am after all a fabulous fifty female so you know I pee frequently.  Some campgrounds we are closer to the bathroom than others.  I keep my sweatshirt by the door and my flip-flops just outside the door and I just go when I gotta.  Usually alone but sometimes Arne wakes up and tags along.  Nothing like togetherness.

All of our clothes are on a hanging bar in the back seat of the car.  We each have a side. We keep our shoes in there too.  So we go back and forth both in the evening and in the morning hanging back up and taking things off hangars for the day.

We keep all our toiletries in a bucket. We take the entire bucket to the shower. It keeps everything together and is easy to carry.

We are now heading South and hopefully that means we will pull out the fan instead of the heater. We have seen a wide range of temperatures in the last three weeks from 35 to 79 degrees.

More evenings outside are also hopeful in the

imagefuture. We really enjoy reading in our outdoor chairs under the canopy in the evenings.

The key to living in 90 square feet really is being organized.  And we are – most of the time.

All in all I think we are doing pretty well – two old retired folks living in 90 square feet.


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  • Reply Nancy Rimel

    I think I mentioned that when. We camped in a Van I used a pressure cooker a lot. Especially nice for baked potatoes!

    October 10, 2016 at 1:01 pm
  • Reply Judy Rossiter

    Ha – amaaazing! And I’ll drink to that: 2 (young) retired folks living happily in 90 sq ft IS fabulous!!!
    Thanks for the always witty and inspiring post LL.

    October 10, 2016 at 3:42 pm
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