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Chapter Five – My Great Nieces & Nephews


When I was a little girl, maybe as young as four, my aunt and uncle lived for a short time in Hawaii.  Hawaii seemed incredibly exotic to me, even as young as I was – not much more than a toddler.  When my aunt came home she brought a grass skirt and bikini top for me and my sister.  I was smitten for Hawaii right then and still am to this day.  I never forgot that first love for exotic travel.

Looking at the map with my great niece Elsa and great nephew Isaiah.

Looking at the map with my great niece Elsa and Her Mom Nichole.

I have a total of thirteen great nieces and nephews.  Seven of them are in early grade school.  An age when kids are inquisitive and impressionable.  I want to use our travels in a positive way, and I think I can help my younger nieces and nephews learn a bit about the world through my Grand Adventure. And in turn, maybe they will have lifelong memories like my experience with my aunt.

My great nephew Landon and great niece Lily

My great nephew Landon and great niece Lily

So for my grade school age nieces and nephews I have given each family (three) a world map for their wall. As we travel in the years ahead I will stay in touch with these fast growing little ones by sending them post cards and from time to time small gifts and books. I hope to encourage them to find us on their map as well as research online

Cards I bought today to send from Thailand

about the places we are. They will follow our travels, learn about far off places, new cultures and people.  And perhaps be inspired to be a world citizen in a country that too often lives in a bubble.

And hopefully not forget me and my husband as they grow so quickly.


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