Marking the Monumental Moments

Chapter Six- A Big Week

This week is always a monumental one in My Fab Fifties Life.  Each year my husband and I mark the day we met.  March 27th, 1975.  It’s a very important date in our relationship and it never passes on the calendar without some recognition on our part.  It used to a big deal to say “wow we’ve known each other for 20 years” .  But now its just plain amusing to think of all we have done and been through together over the past 42 years.  We usually just turn and grin at each other and one of us will say “who’da thunk?”

42 years.  Yep.  Wouldn’t trade it for the world.

So in addition to our annual marking of that day, this week we also mark four months on the road.  I hardly can believe it.  Time is neither flying by or slog’n by-  it just is.  We are well settled into our new lifestyle and feel comfortable and confident.  Mostly we are present.  Not really looking ahead too far just being and enjoying each miraculous day.  And each day is miraculous.  Not just the days where we do something spectacular like visit a Hmong Village or Hike 17 miles or spend the day on a sunny beach.  Those days are wonderful but its the little miracles we enjoy like hot coffee on a crystal clear cold New Zealand morning.  Or a thunderous rainstorm that blackens the midday sky in Koh Samui.  Or listening to the melody of a bird you can’t see but can only hear. Or me winning scrabble – for once!

It’s the little moments of the past four months and the past 42 years that make a life well lived.  Not just living the moments but realizing, relishing and respecting them.  That is fabulous.

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