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Maze Madness in Morocco Medina

Lost in Tangier

It’s like being a mouse in a kids science fair project. Drop the mouse in the maze over and over and see how long it takes the mouse to learn it’s way.

Definitely the mouse would learn much faster than we have.

Tangier Morocco Medina is unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. So much bigger, more complicated and confusing than other old cities and Medinas we have visited. It has me wondering what the heck Marrakesh and Fez will be like?

So we play the mouse game. We had a guide take us out the first time. He whipped through the streets pointing out landmarks and claiming you can figure it out in no time.

No time?  Hardly. We ventured out on our own. Back tracked and started again. Oops. Nope, not that way. Try once more. Dead end. Wait I recognize this but this isn’t where I thought we were.  Finally found the museum but honestly by pure luck.

The tiny alleys, in some places narrow enough to touch both sides, are a jumble of shops, homes, mosques, restaurants.  We turn around, backtrack and wander.  No doubt the locals find it all amusing – we try to look like we know what we are doing.  But when you pass the same shop owner a half dozen times they aren’t fooled.  Silly tourists.

The tall walls all around give the Medina a cave like feeling, often blocking out the sun.  Which direction you are heading who knows?  There is no grid.  Some streets straight, some curvy, many dead-end, few street names.  A-maze-ing.

Mouse-like we go in search of a restaurant. We put it in our map app.  But the tall walls (that hide the beautiful homes and gardens within) make the app unable to work properly so the mice are on their own.  We never find the restaurant.  We end up eating at the same place as the night before.  Then we still get turned around trying to get back to the hotel.  Pitiful mice.
If by chance you find yourself in one of the open squares, you drink in the light and try to reorient before starting again.  But before you do it might be a good idea to sit and have some mint tea. For strength.  😊


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