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When we were leaving the USA I was often asked what I thought I would miss the most. Of course I answered my family and friends and often included the beautiful Pacific Northwest, reliable technology and my bike.

Not once did my answers include Mexican Food.

But being out here now going on eight months I’ve been craving Mexican food so bad!  The last Mexican restaurant we saw was in December in Phuket Thailand. Since then – nada.

So when we stumbled on a place just a couple blocks from our house in Dubrovnik I was all over it. I mean really, in the USA it’s “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Mexican Food” right?

Maybe it’s a West Coast thing but in our house we cooked Mexican about once a week and went out for Mexican about once a month. When I was working I had a Taco Time Taco Salad for lunch at least twice a week.

So it was much of a surprise when I realized the entire world doesn’t inhale Mexican food like we do. You can get a pizza in every country (even the stingy Seychelles). You can find pasta almost anywhere. But Mexican? No va a pasar!

I got my fix tonight and am fat and happy. Who knows when I will get a fajita again?  So until then muchos gracias!

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  • Reply Kim Logan

    Oh how this resonates with me! The commissary on base carries some items but not everything you might need, and if they do it’s soooo expensive! (jalapenos $12 lb) Out in town it’s better quality but not the ingredients we seek! When we go home that’s our request (homemade or going out) and in May we had it at least 3 days in a row!! I just read about a place in Tokyo that has been open since the late 80’s and looks pretty authentic and gets rave reviews! We’re headed there soon!

    July 7, 2017 at 10:33 pm
  • Reply Michael Söhlke

    Well, to be honest: what you are talking about is the “American Mexican food”. We had plenty of times visitors from the US who wanted to go to a Mexican restaurant in Germany a but they were never really enthused because “it tasted different”. So I think there is always some localization aspect going along – the same happens by the way to Greek, Spanish and Italian Food (probabaly one can lengthen this list easily). Bon appetite!

    July 9, 2017 at 9:18 am
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