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Mindful in Milford

Chapter Six – Out in the Wop Wop

Location: New Zealand

Mindful in Milford Sound

We have been offline and out of cell range for the past four days as we toured the incredible South Island area known as Milford Sound.  It definitely is out in the Wop-Wop! No technology distractions to take attention away from the scenery – which takes your breath away. No technology distractions keeps us mindful of our surroundings.  I’ve never seen anything quit like it, although it is reminiscent of fjords we have enjoyed in Chili, Alaska, and Norway.  But I think more beautiful than any of those.  And the road to get here had some frightening yet exquisite moments – reminding us of driving in the Swiss Alps or the Road to Hanna. In fact, it’s become a bit of a joke as we wander about the world how often we start a sentence with “this reminds me of…”.

We spent two glorious days in the Aoraki Mount Cook area, hiking and exclaiming around every corner how stunningly beautiful it was.  We couldn’t imagine anything prettier.  Then we drove south to Milford and “Wow”.  Milford is actually not a “Sound” it is a glacially carved fjord (sound is created by a river fjord by a glacier) and is part of New Zealand’s largest National Park – Fjordland National Park.

In some ways the fjords are comparable to other astounding world sites we have seen and yet also other-worldly.  So many similarities and yet so magnificently unique as well.  Glaciers on the mountain tops and it feels you could just reach out and touch them.  The sun glinting off the snow and the waterfalls that tumble hundreds of feet into the water –  everywhere you look.  Moss covered forests with unusual looking ferns – I keep imagining Bilbo Baggins with his giant feet will come trodding down path.  This is the place we were fully prepared to experience soaking rain.  And yet, the sun has shown her magnificent face each day and blessed us by illuminating the spectacular mountains falling straight into the sea (or more accurately jutting straight out of the sea), the greenest greens of mossy forests and the brightest skies of azure blue, and the clearest water where the fish look up at you and give you a wink.

Milford Sound.  Magical.  Magnificent.  Mindful.  My Fab Fifties Life.

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  • Reply Pamela Wood

    We had sun in Milford too and the guide apologized, saying we’d have more waterfalls cascading off the mountains if it was raining. We were OK with the sun.

    March 26, 2017 at 2:41 pm
    • Reply Laureen

      As we drove out yesterday it was raining so we got to see both sides. I will say the waterfalls will spectacular – but I’ll always take the sun.

      March 26, 2017 at 5:08 pm

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