Mom Pride on Mother’s Day

Feeling proud today

Our son Erik is in his final weeks of his Peace Corp term in Burkina Faso, West Africa.  He has made an amazing impact on his tiny village – I have no doubt they will talk about him for years to come.  But they have made an even bigger impact on him.  His experience, though difficult at times, has changed him and made him a stronger and more independent thinker.

I am incessantly proud of him and the man he has become.  I look forward to what comes next for him.

Our son Dane is in his final weeks of his nine month travel odyssey – something he has wanted to do for many years.  He grasped the brass ring and decided to go for it a year ago and has been traveling and living abroad since September.  This experience has given him a broader appreciation for world culture.  He has made new friends and found new strengths and goes home penniless, but rich in experiences.

I am incessantly proud of him as well.  Traveling alone and finding his way for nine months is a feat.  A learning experience that will help him be frugal and grateful on his return to the USA.  He is currently job searching and figuring out what is next.  I am excited to see where he lands.

These two men are very different, sometimes I wonder how they both are mine? But I see many similarities in them as well, such as adventurous spirit, loyalty, honesty, dedication and hard work.  But one of the most important traits they both possess is empathy.  I love that about them.

Proud to be their Mom. Love you both.

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