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Nothing slow about Slovenia

Chapter Nine – a week in Piran

Location: Slovenia

It’s our second time visiting the small and lovely country of Slovenia, tucked in under Austria, just east of Italy and north of Croatia. It’s an enchanting place that feels a little like Italy, a bit like The Alps and a lot like a fairytale.

Despite thousands of years of occupation under various conquerors, from the Romans to the Austrian Hungarian Empire as well as the more recent nearly 50 year period as part of Yugoslavia, Slovenia has a very independent feel. The Slovene’s are hard-working and patriotic as well as proud of their history. I encourage you to take a moment and
read about Slovenia’s remarkable history here  .  It’s fascinating

During our previous visit we enjoyed Piran (one of the few coastal cities as Slovenia has a very small coastline) as well as Ljubljana the capital and the stunning Lake Bled.

This time we stayed primarily in Piran, enjoying time with our friends Marbi and Raymond. Piran is a gorgeous place, small, walkable, historic and beautiful. We spent a lot of time walking, doing three 13 plus mile walks in the six days we were here. We also enjoyed some fabulous summer outdoor performances, swam in the clear blue Mediterranean and ate healthy and delicious meals from the bountiful Slovene agriculture.

We are of course more lucky than most, knowing locals who can be our guides, but as a tourist you will find Slovenia extremely easy to navigate and welcoming. Nearly everyone speaks English (as well as several other languages), they use the Euro and no visa is required.  Prices are reasonable.

I expected to see more American tourists here this time, but I have not. My recommendation is skip overcrowded Venice (Just over the border) and come here instead. You won’t regret it.

Slovenia – where life is full and fun and only slow if you want it to be.

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