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On Not Being a Tourist

Location: Hawaii

I’ve been to Hawaii more times than I can count and have been on all of the islands.  Most of my experience however has been on Maui, where we have done all the “tourist” activities.  More than once.

This is my second visit to The Big Island and I am a sucker for all the glossy marketing sales pitches for tours and activities.  But we have a goal in this new life to live not like tourists in a place, but to live a normal life as much as possible (BTW I’m eating my yogurt while doing laundry – pretty non-touristy activity).

This is partly for the pace we wish to lead but mostly for financial reasons.  To carry out this new lifestyle we must live frugally – and frankly, when I am a tourist, I don’t live frugally.

So I set a goal to do only one touristy-type thing on the Big Island and two when we head to Maui.  Tonight is our first excursion – a guided tour to swim with the Manta Rays.

Last night I came just a click away from booking a kayak snorkeling tour (love to kayak, love to snorkel) at $100 a piece.  But I didn’t.  Instead we will make a strenuous hike to the snorkel location and use the snorkel gear we already have.  And save $200.

Each day I need to remember I am not a tourist.  This is my new life.  And if I want it to last a long time, I watch my spending.  It can be done.

PS – I’ll blog about the Manta Rays tomorrow – if it turns out to be cool and I suspect it will be.

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  • Reply Nancy Rimel

    Smart move. That is how we like to travel as if we are locals. Sometimes it works sometimes not. We didn’t even go up the Eiffel Tower in Paris but did do a river cruise. Then spent days exploring the neighborhoods. Enjoy.

    June 20, 2016 at 11:41 pm
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