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On Staying Put

Chapter Three – Lessons

Location: Kinsale England

Packing. Unpacking. Packing.

Loading. Unloading. Four flights of stairs.

This trip we are on has been in the works for a couple of years – long before we had pinned down our itinerary for the Grand Adventure world tour. This trip, even though I’m lumping it in as part of the adventure, really is more vacation than the kind of travel we hope will become our normal life on the Grand Adventure.

When we finally knew the date of my husbands

Our hotel in Kinsale. We were on the top floor.

Our hotel in Kinsale. We were on the top floor.

retirement, we considered making this trip our launch of the Grand Adventure.  However, we knew we still wanted to do a US road trip so decided to hold off on leaving on the Grand Adventure until after that.  So in the meantime we’ve had all these “practice” mini Grand Adventures over the past few months.

Practice is a good word because it really has been an education.  We are solidly clear now on topics regarding packing and luggage and we definitely realized how much we look forward to staying in one place for extended periods of time – several

Our hotel in Keswick. That's our room on the second floor.

Our hotel in Keswick. That’s our room on the second floor.

weeks or months.

On day 19 of this trip we are checking out of our 11th bed and breakfast.  Even though each one has been nice (many have been exceptional) we are tired of moving.  We are tired of packing and unpacking. Loading and unloading the car. Dragging the bags up endless flights of stairs in ancient stone buildings.

We know most definitely, on the Grand Adventure, which begins November 29th, we will pack light and stay put.

The good news is we have loved this trip. The

Our suite in Dingle. Second floor.

Our suite in Dingle. Second floor.

additional good news is we feel refreshed after three nights here in beautiful Keswick and now we are off to board a cruise ship for 8 nights.  We will then finish in London for 4 nights. So from here on less moving, lugging, unloading. Phew!


PS We embark on an 8 day cruise to Norway Friday afternoon and I don’t expect to have reliable wifi. I will post when I can. Bon Voyage!


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