Reading Wednesday

Reading Wednesday

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Alias Grace, by Margaret Atwood ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

It’s been at least ten yeas since I read Margaret Atwood’s “A Handmaid’s Tale” which went down in my list of favorite reads of all time.  That very imaginative story, now getting renewed recognition because it is a TV Drama, made me look further into the list of Atwood novels.  She has dozens.

Atwood is one of those authors who pumps out a book once or twice a year.  Not all of them the quality of “A Handmaid’s Tale”.  Last year I read a novel by Atwood for my book club that was a dud.  A real dud.  It was called “The Heart Goes Last.”  I hated it.

My husband loved her book “A Blind Assassin”, I guess I should read that one – because I now have discovered another really excellent Atwood novel “Alias Grace”.

I will say one thing about Atwood – her stories are all over the map as far as topic, time and genre and that is a good sign of an innovative author.  “Alias Grace” is based on a real character, Grace Marks, whose notoriety as a murderess in the 1870’s made her the tabloid queen of her time.

Atwood’s novel, uses both fact and fiction, real and fictional characters, history and creative manipulations to build a very compelling story about Grace Marks, her immigration to Canada from Ireland, her difficult childhood, her time as a servant and the fateful day of the murders of her employer and his housekeeper.

Did she do it?  You will need to decide for yourself as the book leaves the question open for contemplation.  Is she the first recorded schizophrenic?  Was she possesed by another dead women?  Was she a superb actress?  Or just a very unfortunate young girl in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I recommend “Alias Grace”.  Four stars.

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