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Book Review Still Water by Viveca Sten

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Book Review Still Water buy Viveca Sten

About a month ago Kindle offered a special incentive in honor of International Day.  Kindle made available a half dozen books by international authors for free.  I downloaded most of them to my Kindle App on my phone, which is where I read most of my books.  

I was not familiar with Swedish author Viveca Sten.  I’ve since learned of her popular Sandhaam Island Murder Mysteries, of which Still Water was the first.  I liked this book, did not love it, but am curious to possibly read one of her later novels to see if her writing improved over the years.  She is a good writer, but this book had some lengthy descriptive paragraphs and a few incidents (including one at the very end of the book involving a boat full of drunk teenagers) that to me, in no way enhanced the story or even fit the tale.  A good editor should have cut some of this out to tighten the book up.

Granted, this book was originally written in Swedish and perhaps something was lost in the translation.

I sound more critical than I mean to, because I actually enjoyed the story and I was intrigued to find out “whodunnit” in the murder mystery story.  Near the end I knew who it would be, but it still held my attention and I enjoyed the read.

The story is based in the Swedish Archipelago on Sandhaam Island a place I have always wanted to visit.  Somewhat  like the Martha’s Vineyard of Sweden, old families have handed down homes here for generations, including the family of Nora one or the lead characters in the book.  Thomas, a police officer and her childhood best friend becomes involved in a murder investigation when a man’s body washes up on the beach one summer day.  All the residents on Sandhaam including Nora become involved in trying to solve the mystery. Thus unfolds a tale of family secrets, murder and mystery,  rocky marriages, love and loss and then several more murders, suicides and deaths. Phew! A lot happens. Eventually the story pulls the pieces together and mystery is solved. 

I did not love the way the book ended, as it left some things hanging, although I expect that is because Sten continues the Sandhaam series and ties loose ends together in the next book.

A quick and easy read, not the best I’ve ever read but I still give Still Waters three stars.


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