Reading Wednesday

Reading Wednesday

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

COMMONWEALTH by Ann Patchett ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (Kindle)

I have been on a waiting list for this book for five months. I didn’t think it would ever be my turn. I hoped this book would deliver a good read after such a long wait.

It did not fail me.

Commonwealth is a lovely story. I preferred it much more than the last book I read by Ann Patchett State of Wonder. 

In Commonwealth Patchett creates a passel of believable characters with depth and sincerity. A story that explores what “family” really is and how the decisions our parents make when we are just children ultimately affect the outcome of our lives.

The book also explores infidelity, dying young, dying old, regret and remorse and all the other ups and downs we face during our lives, wrapped up in a compelling and compassionate story. I truly enjoyed Commonwealth.

Worth the wait.

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