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Recalibrating on The Big Island

Location: Hawaii

It’s been four days and I feel better already.  Four days into the The Grand Adventure and we feel completely at home.  Hopeful our bright shiny faces will continue to find joy in this vagabond life.

But to be honest, how hard can it be in Hawaii?  It’s not.  It’s slow and easy and no worries here on The Big Island.

We are using the 26 days we have in Hawaii to recalibrate, practice living with less, and get healthy once again.

Taking a bike ride

Taking a bike ride

Recalibrate – its pretty easy to have a peaceful mind when you are on island time.  Funny though we are waking up early without an alarm.  Our condo sits about thirty feet from the crashing waves and we listen to them in the night – doors open – lulling us to sleep.  In the morning, on cue, we awake to the sounds that also helped us sleep.  We feel energized and awake – lazy and relaxed all at once.

Living with Less  – It’s clear already that I brought too many clothes.  Despite my packing prowess I already see I could have had my bag much lighter.  This month in Hawaii is a practice run, for when we depart on our big tour, at which time I must not overpack – cannot overpack.  Learning…

Mahi Mahi Taco dinner at our Condo

Mahi Mahi Taco dinner at our Condo

Healthy Living – away from the distractions of “home”, the social engagements, the projects and work – it’s easy to think healthy.  Part of our practice here is to learn to manage within our daily budget.  That means minimal dining out.  So far we have only had lunch out once and have made all our breakfasts and dinners and most of our lunches here at the condo using good healthy foods we purposefully are choosing in an effort to lose weight and get back on track

Fresh local fruit and yogurt for breakfast

Fresh local fruit and yogurt for breakfast

during this month.  Fresh fruit and yogurt for breakfast each day, lots of veg and low-fat proteins (fish!) for lunch and dinner and a very minimal intake of carbs is our purposeful diet.  That too has been easy.

A little harder is the running in the humidity, although I think I am beginning to acclimate.  I also am figuring out how to swim laps in the open ocean, a much greater challenge than I expected.  We have done two hikes so far and have another planned for tomorrow. On our first day we began a 28 day plank challenge and I already had to skip a day because my lower back was so sore.  I’m gonna try again tomorrow.  Slow and steady is how you get and stay healthy in your Fabulous Fifties.

But all that said, we also are enjoying a lot of “down” time.  We took a nap today – after we had already napped at the pool.  Ahh its a grand life.

So – so far so good.  This new and improved Fab Fifties Life.  It’s surreal in a way.  But in other ways it seems perfectly natural.  We hoped, we planned, we did it.

More soon – Aloha.




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  • Reply Dina

    I am so looking forward to your journey through your posts! All our best to you and Arne!

    June 16, 2016 at 2:24 pm
  • Reply NANCY

    Enjoy you two.

    June 16, 2016 at 4:28 pm
  • Reply Ron and Joanne Ragsdale

    Very interesting read Laureen. Your outlook is one that Joanne and I have used in our travels in the past few years – is it possible to break much of the lifestyle one has used before retirement? For example, when we were in Panama this winter one of the questions was whether we could handle a more laid back lifestyle, (we unplugged the tv, no radio, day to day planning, spur of the moment decisions, etc.) eating “good and healthy food”, a lot of hiking, rafting, birding, swimming, site seeing, taking short trips to see more of the country and meeting new people with a different outlook on life. It is a real-life adventure to move out of your lifestyle and view the world from another’s perspective. To us it is an opportunity to see and enjoy the diversity of humankind. May you and Arnie continue to enjoy your journeys!

    June 16, 2016 at 5:43 pm
  • Reply Lucy Haydock Carpenter

    Love what you are saying. Looking forward to your “Fab 50” adventures.

    June 17, 2016 at 5:04 am
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