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Rolling Down the Road – Week One

Chapter Four

Location: Canada

Thursday marks the end of week one of Chapter Four of the Grand Adventure.  Our week living in 11 foot pink Betty has been “interesting”.  A few challenges have presented themselves, but nothing we can’t handle. After all, that’s why it’s called an adventure right?

As of Wednesday evening we have traveled 1560 miles since leaving Gig Harbor last Thursday.  Tonight finds us all cozy in my favorite campground so far, Lake Winnipeg Beach, about an hour north of Winnipeg Manitoba.

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Our first “campground” in Issaquah was convenient to see old friends and to attend the Bonnie Raitt concert, but boy was it noisy!  Right next to Interstate 90 and we seriously had to yell to hear each other over the din of traffic.  Our third night we pulled into an RV park after dark in Creston British Columbia.  It was small but we only needed to sleep.  We didn’t set up the canopy or do much else before falling into bed after a long day of driving.  Shortly after falling asleep a loud and close thunderstorm descended upon us.  Poor Betty has never seen the likes of this before.  The noise of the rain pummeling the metal roof was tremendous.  The following morning imagepacking up to leave again with everything soaking wet was depressing

But quickly the weather changed to bright autumn sun.  The weather was so great and with plenty of time to spare we decided to spend two nights in Medicine Hat.  We did some laundry and then took a nice long walk in a beautiful riverfront park where the crisp sunny fall air coupled with the brilliant blue sky and the cotton wood and ginkgo trees dressed in gold and orange made us feel we were walking in a painting.  Stunning.

Factoid – the name Medicine Hat comes from a Blackfoot Indian word that described a hat worn by the Indian Medicine Man.  Medicine Hat is a major natural gas region.  The city’s nickname is “Gas City”.  Not sure that’s the best tourism marketing name…if you get my drift.

Betty had a minor short-circuit while we were in

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Medicine Hat.  This meant we spent the first very cold night (in the 30’s) without our heater.  But my amazing husband was able to pinpoint the problem (just a loose wire) and had us back in business in time for coffee in the morning. We had our heater on night two, but some clouds had come in and it wasn’t nearly as cold on night two.

WiFi is sporadic, which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I finished one book and have started another.  We played two games of Scrabble one night and I actually won the first one.  First time in 34 years of marriage I beat my husband at scrabble.  That probably would never have happened if I had wi-fi to keep me staring at my phone!

On Tuesday morning we headed East again and

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shortly crossed the border into Saskatchewan.  Check this one off the list.  My first time in Saskatchewan.  I’ve been to five Canadian provinces – British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.  On this trip I will add Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Quebec.  The list of must see’s is getting shorter.

Apparently if you live in Saskatchewan there is a law you must drive a truck.  A big truck.  Of course I’m not serious but everybody drives great big trucks.  The look of astonishment on great big burly Canadian men driving their great big burly trucks as we float by with pink Betty is definitely amusing. It cracks me up every time.

We arrived at a beautiful riverside park in Moose Jaw Saskatchewan early enough in the day that we were once again able to enjoy the beautiful fall weather.  The trees are well ahead in their fall colors compared to back home and our timing seems to be just about perfect to see the peak of color in this area.I ’m keeping my fingers crossed this will be true as we make our way east to Quebec and then down into New York.

We decided to go out to dinner instead of cooking in Moose Jaw, mostly because we were in search of wi-fi.  We ended up eating a mediocre meal – very

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sloooooowllllly – so we could spend two hours on wi-fi catching up with family, friends and doing a few weekly chores online.

Factoid – The city’s name Moose Jaw has two possible origins.  The first is from the Plains Cree Indian word that means warm place by the river, indicative of the protection Moose Jaw valley has from the Coteau range.  The other theory on the name comes from the map surveyors who called the area Moose Jaw Bone Creek with the Moose Jaw river apparently looking like the jaw of a moose.

Only one night in Saskatchewan and we were on the road again, to Winnipeg Manitoba (check off another one) arriving late in the day.  We spent about ten hours driving, but we don’t mind doing this when we know we can have two days of rest.  We arrived at the most beautiful campground we have seen yet, Winnipeg Beach Provincial Park. It’s a huge campground right on this gorgeous lake.  But there is only about half a dozen people here.  Our spot is perfectly situated between the lake and the lady’s room!  Score!  We made Peanut Thai Noodles for dinner and ate outside as the sunset.image

Factoid – the word Winnipeg is also Cree and means muddy waters.  From what I can see, the lake is not.

It’s easy to cook in Betty, as long as you plan ahead.  There is no oven, so stove top items only.  That’s no problem.  During the past week we have had Taco Salad, Cowboy Potatoes, Bean and Cheese Quesadilla, Eggs and Bacon, Spinach Salad and Peanut Thai Noodles.  No one is going hungry on this trip.

The weather looks good here in Winnipeg, so we are going to take two days here and enjoy ourselves.  We will head to Ontario on Friday.

So that is week one done – Betty is happy to be on the road – and so are we.

The adventure continues…

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  • Reply Nancy Rimel

    An adventure by far. Back in the dark ages with Kimberley at 5 with first has and we van camped throughout 12 states I found an old fashion pressure cooker that worked perfect fully on the coleman stove. Could bake potatoes and lots of other stuff almost at times last me an oven.

    September 22, 2016 at 12:58 pm
  • Reply Ron and Joanne Ragsdale

    Great time to be travelling in Canada. We had snow one morning on the “ski hill” by Golden, BC, it was warm enough the next day to melt it.

    September 22, 2016 at 1:46 pm
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