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Route 66

Chapter Four – How It All Began

Location: Illinois

How it all began. Route 66 is how it began for many people back in the day when it came time to “motor west”.

And Route 66 is the reason we are here today. The basis of this road trip we are on.  It all started here.

After our first summer with Betty – the lovely old pink lady- I got it in my head that we should do a road trip with the vintage trailer on Route 66.  At first we were going to do it last summer.  But then we decided to wait until my husband retired so we would have more time.image

In the beginning I started planning the trip from California to Chicago.  But my husband said to do it “right” we really needed to drive it the way it was intended – east to west.

And that is how we got here today.


Here we are – with Betty in the background in the middle of downtown Chicago. The beginning.

The past 23 days on the road across Canada, then through Vermont, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and now Illinios has all been to reach this spot – the launching pad of “the mother road”.

It’s fun to finally be here.

And so it begins – for the next 29 days we meander our way back to Washington – with most of that time on Route 66.  We plan to take some time off the road in Arkansas and Arizona but we also plan to cover it from tip to tail, arriving in Santa Monica October 28th.

Time to get some kicks.  See ya down the road.




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