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Speak’n About Stehekin

Location: Washington

For years I have worked my way throughout my home state of Washington with an eye on visiting all the iconic places she offers.

Places like Snoqualmie Falls (higher than Niagra – yep really), Dry Falls (5 times the width of Niagra and was once the greatest water fall ever – 20,000 years ago), Mount Rainier (highest peak in WA and 4th highest in the lower 48), Hells Canyon (deeper than Grand Canyon – yep really) and many more.image

But Stehekin – the iconic, hidden and elusive town on Lake Chelan in the remote North Cascades had eluded me for years.

Until today. I finally made it there and now I must go back.

We took the Lady of the Lake Express from the city of Chelan. The boat takes two and a half hours to imageplow the 50 miles up lake to Stehekin. We chose to take the slower Lady Too back so we could have three hours in  Stehekin. That boat takes four hours. So we spent seven and a half hours on the boat and only had three hours on shore. Definitely not enough.

I must go back for a week.

We had lunch at the North Cascades Lodge before doing a two hour hike along the lake.  The time was gone so fast.  We didn’t visit Rainbow Falls, or theimage famous bakery. We didn’t hike the mountains or go out in kayak.  We didn’t go fishing or rent bikes.  Three hours is not enough to experience this hidden jewel  of the great state of Washington.

Next time I’ll rent a cabin and enjoy the quiet – no cell or Internet service.  No roads.  No crowds. Just imagenature.  Fabulous!


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