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Surprising China – Smog

Location: China

Surprising China

Installment Two – Smog


I’d heard so much negative press about the smog in Beijing I was really scared.  I thought for sure we were

Blue Sky in Beijing

Blue Sky in Beijing

going to be unable to see our hand in front of our face.  I spent $50 on a facemask with a filter for fear I would be sick with a migraine headache from all the pollution.


And it just didn’t happen this way.


Yes there was a little smog.  But I’ve seen worse in L.A.


I have no doubt Beijing has it’s bad smog days.  But apparently the media loves to talk about the bad smog days, but doesn’t report about the clear blue-sky days; the days where you could see the mountains in the distance so clear you feel you can reach out and touch them.


Perhaps we were lucky.  Of our five days in Beijing only one was overcast with smog, and only that was in the afternoon.  We enjoyed cold but sunny days with beautiful blue sky and a clear yellow orb up above.


I’m not particularly superstitious, but sometimes I am a little.  I told my husband if I hadn’t spent the $50 on the

Crystal clear day at the Forbidden City

Crystal clear day at the Forbidden City

mask we probably would have had terrible smog and I would have wished for one.


But luckily I did buy it, and it stayed in my pocket the entire time – superstitiously providing me all the protection I needed.


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