Asia Travel

Sweet Samui

Chapter Five

Location: Thailand

Two weeks and close to heaven. We leave Koh Samui tonight with sadness. What a paradise.

Our airbnb has been exceptional – possibly our favorite of all time. Being together as a family for the holidays has also been great. I feel that might not happen next year, so I particularly cherished this.

Koh Samui is beautiful and where we stayed, peaceful. We are so glad we stayed in this less populated part of the island.

Tonight we bid farewell to our Peace Corp. son Erik as he flies back to Burkina Faso to complete his commitment there. He will be done in June. I am so proud of him. In Burkina 50% of the Peace Corp. volunteers do not make it through their 27 month commitment. Yes I said 50%. It is hard for many reasons and I am proud of Erik for the work he does and the commitment he takes seriously. That said, he is ready to be done and move on. Soon.

After we say farewell to Erik , the three of us will continue on to Siem Reap Cambodia to spend a week in Angor Wat – a bucket list destination for me. Blog to come, no doubt.

After a week in Siem Reap Dane plans to travel on his own in Cambodia while Arne and I come back to Thailand to spend three weeks in Hua Hin. We will meet up again with Dane in February in Vietnam.  I am very much looking forward to that.

It’s an exciting new year with new adventures ahead for the Traveling Lund Family.  We are happy, within budget, and despite a few minor issues- healthy.

So farewell beautiful Koh Samui. We hope to see you again someday. Until then Kop-Kuhn-Ka (thank you).

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