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Thailand – Final Days

Chapter Five – Three Weeks in Hua Hin

Location: Thailand

Staying in one place for three weeks has been great. I don’t think I have felt this healthy and relaxed in…well…maybe never.

Although Hua Hin does not have the most beautiful beaches in Thailand  (Phuket and Koh Samui both had clearer and more blue water) we have really grown to love it here.  Our little condo has been perfect (and cheap – $40 a night). Easy walk to the beach and a fabulous pool big enough to swim laps in. This has has been a plus. I have also made good use of the equipment in the exercise room.

Funny though how different it feels than the night we arrived three weeks ago in the middle of a monsoon.  All the roads were underwater and trying to get to our condo seemed nearly impossible.  Remembering what it looked like when we ventured out for a walk the first few days – it’s not even the same place. The storm surge had flooded the beachfront restaurants. The high surf had washed in millions of shells and jelly fish. The roads and sidewalks were lakes and access to stores or taxis was impossible. Restaurants were closed. For the first few days we lived on food from the 7-11.

It was kind-of-an adventure.

But now we know the real Hua Hin; the night market and the weekend markets and the Songthaew, and the vendors. We met lots of guests at our condo from all over the world (we are the only Americans). We have been spoiled by the great staff as well as the owner of our condo (Autumn Condo if you ever find yourself in Hua Hin).

We’ve eaten in most nights, in an effort to be frugal and also to be  “normal”.  And healthy.  I hope I have lost a few pounds – given all the exercise.

But it’s time to go.  On to the next adventure in Southeast Asia (Chapter Five) – Vietnam.  We won’t have a chance to spend three weeks in one place while in Vietnam. In fact the longest we stay in one place now until May is 9 days.  I’m sure by the time May rolls around we will be ready to sit still for awhile.

So, if you aren’t bored yet with My Fab Fifties Life Grand Adventure I hope you are ready for four weeks in Vietnam, one week in Laos and six weeks in New Zealand – this will take us through April.

Come along! It’s fun having you follow!

NOTE – We expect Facebook, Twitter and Word Press (our blog is Word Press) to be difficult and possibly impossible in Vietnam.  We won’t know for sure until we get there.  Please follow us on Instagram which we understand is a little easier.


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