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The End of the Road

Chapter Four – Farewell to 66

Location: Route 66

We found it. The Pacific Ocean.

2448 miles from Chicago we arrived today at the terminus of Route 66, Santa Monica California.

Like many people before us, coming to the end of the road was sentimental yet satisfying. Not everyone can say they have made the entire trek, and not everyone would want to.  But we now are part of the “club” and I loved it all.


The start of Route 66 in downtown Chicago


One of the slowest and most winding sections from Kingman to the California border

Standing in the middle of downtown Chicago seems so long ago. Then I really didn’t know what we would find. Parts of the road were long and straight. Parts of the road were rough and complicated. It’s a metaphor for life really. Today as I stood  in Santa Monica and enjoyed the Pacific breeze it was a feeling of accomplishment.  A task done and complete. Total miles since leaving home 8200. Six weeks and one day


A former roadside attraction – live lions – in Two Guns, Arizona

I learned a lot about American history on this trek. I felt apart of the salt of the earth people who make our country great. It’s not a myth or legend – America is great and vast because of its people. We met a wide variety of Americans. Midwesterners bustling in the streets of Chicago. Cowboys in Texas. Snowbirds in Arizona. Surfers in Santa Monica.

From Chicago to LA. From Lake Michigan to the Pacific. From St. Louis to Oklahoma City. From Amarillo to Albuquerque. From Flagstaff to Barstow to Santa Monica. The terrain, weather and food is as varied as the people.


Burrows wander the streets of the old mining town Oatman in Arizona

I wish more Americans would see the whole country from this road, or any road. There is so much to appreciate. The sunsets. The flora. The food. The patriotism.  The architecture. Fascinating and fabulous all.


We added our names to the sign post at Cool Springs Camp Arizona

And so with fondness we say farewell to Route 66 and turn north for the first time in over 8200 miles. We begin our drive back to Washington State. With a For Sale sign in the window of pretty pink Betty as we near the end of Chapter Four.

But before we close this Chapter, a few more adventures are ahead. We make a right hand turn right onto another historic road – Hwy 1.  Another week heading north.

Note – A big shout out to Mrs. O’Neils Sunday School Class (Grades 3-5)  at Gig Harbor United Methodist Church who have been following our journey on Route 66 as they study the 66 chapters of the Bible.  I love that they were able to find the journey both educational and spiritual.

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    Wow ya’ll are awesome! My friend and I want to take a trip to all 50 states. We are planning to in 3yrs.

    October 29, 2016 at 3:45 pm
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