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Tiki Tour Comes to an End

Time to say farewell to the Kiwi Karavan

Location: New Zealand

The time has flown by and living in 90 sf never seemed to be a problem.  Even when it rained.  Even when the temperature dropped into the 30’s.

Abel Tasman New Zealand

There is no better way to explore New Zealand than in a camper van and we loved every minute.  I would do it again without hesitation – and go pursue those few roads we missed.  Hard to believe we did miss anything, but we did.

Napier New Zealand

We still have a week left before we fly to the Seychelles Islands, and during these final days of Chapter Six we will explore the city of Auckland.

But the Kiwi

Karavan has been our friend to drive, to sleep, to cook, to eat, to read, to play scrabble – to live.  For a month.

On the South Island we covered 2083 miles going as far south as Opia/Nightcaps were we learned about sheep farming and to the far north of the South Island where we hiked the Abel Tasman Trek and

kayaked in the Queen Charlotte Sound. I’ve included a map of where we traveled.

We then took the Kiwi Karavan on the ferry from Picton to Wellington on the North Island and began our trek North.  On the North Island we covered

New Zealand

1820 miles from Wellington all the way to Cape Reinga – as far north as you can possibly go without jumping into the sea.

I’ve also included a map of our route on the North Island.

It became a joke as we traveled – every time we looked at Google maps for a distance to a destination it was two hours.  Every time.  So we decided no matter where you are in New Zealand, it’s two hours to wherever you want to be.

I recommend seeing New Zealand this way.  The country’s government has gone out of its way to make this a lifestyle option for locals and visitors with free campsites, free dump sites, free water, free garbage drop off, free bathrooms.  The South Island had a significantly larger number of camper vans on the road ( as well as many, many more tour busses) than the North Island.  This even though the roads

Firth of Thames

on the North Island, while still windy and narrow, were much bettter.

We went days without paying for camping, only when it was time to shower or do laundry did we pull into a holiday park that cost.  When all was said and done we spent 14 nights at free camping and 14 at pay camping.

We walked a total number of 200 miles with seven days where we walked more than ten miles. Our longest day was 17 miles.  We averaged just under 5 mi per day

It was fabulous.

I’ve included in this blog some of my best photos

Cape Reinga

from the past six weeks. The feature photo at the top is a lucky shot.  One of


my favorites of many sunrise photos. If you would like to see more of the best images from our world tour please follow our Instagram account. There is a link at the top of this page. Or search My Fab Fifties Life.

It’s on to New Zealand’s largest city Auckland – to see what we can see!  I will certainly let you know what we find!

The final week of Chapter Six begins now.

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