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Travel Planning Fatigue

What’s Ahead for the Grand Adventure

Location: United States

Travel Planning Fatigue

The Mug in the USA

In the beginning I really enjoyed the planning. Figuring out where to go, where to stay, how to get there and what to do.

Unfortunately it’s now a bit of a chore and I am suffering from travel planning fatigue. But it’s a necessary chore for this nomad life we have chosen. Ahhhh first world problems…

Keeping the details straight, connecting the

Finding an oasis

The Mug in Bali

dots and STAYING WITHIN BUDGET is a monumental effort.  We have fallen into a pattern of having our plans set about six months out at any given time. Sometimes however, like now, we end up with even more advanced plans. For instance, now we are looking at Christmas through February in South and Central America. This is the height of the season there, so we are planning even further in advance.

Travel Planning Fatigue

The Mug in Bulgaria

Because we follow the sun on The Grand Adventure, we often hit high season. But because we also try to focus on less-touristy destinations, it usually works out. But, it still requires managing a lot of information, spending a lot of money on advance travel and lodging reservations, and trying to decide what we want to do and where we want spend our time.

Travel Planning Fatigue

The Mug in Thailand

We often split up these tasks. My husband just finished planning Brazil and Costa Rica for December and January, while I am deep into research of the rest of Central America for late winter and spring 2019.

Travel Planning Fatigue

The Mug in Australia

Our goals remain the same;  see parts of the world we have never seen; revisit some past favorites; and experience cultures and places where few visitors go.  Over the past two years we have had amazing success with this strategy. And until arriving in the USA this past May 14th, we have stayed on budget. Our time in the USA however has blown our budget.

We will get back on track as soon as we leave the USA again. We have our plans confirmed now from Aug 7 – Feb 15th. During this time we will visit the following places; Denmark, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Romania, Greece, Egypt, Jordan, Portugal, Spain, Gibraltar, Miami, Key West, Panama, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Brazil, Costa Rica, Nicaragua.

Travel Planning Fatigue

The Mug in the Seychelles

We are still researching the following possibilities from March – late May 2019; Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba and Jamaica.

So we continue to plan – and to suffer from travel planning fatigue. But My Fab Fifties Life requires being organized and so we have become adept at the planning and managing the details.

A full and fabulous life.

Watch for more USA blogs coming soon.

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  • Reply Marty Thacker

    Arne and Laureen, you are heroes to many of your followers, me especially! You are living a dreamers life… appreciate the blogs and travel experiences! Look forward to our visit!

    June 23, 2018 at 7:53 am
    • Reply Laureen

      Such kind words. We look forward to seeing you soon!

      June 23, 2018 at 7:57 am
  • Reply Mary Beth Hines

    I think you should create one of those books online of all your mug shots ☕️! That would be fun!

    June 23, 2018 at 9:22 am
  • Reply Michael söhlke

    Hi guys – just make sure to contact me in advance about your Germany trip (when and where), so maybe we can meet again 🙂 – Michael

    June 23, 2018 at 10:31 am
    • Reply Laureen

      Michael we are only going to be in Berlin this time. Aug 19-23.

      June 23, 2018 at 1:16 pm
  • Reply Shawn

    I am so excited for you, while I was reading your itinerary.. I had to scroll up to see the places your going and I said… I can’t wait!
    I just spent hours trying to find one hotel room on our ca trip and can’t imagine what it must be like for you to plan all of this. I’m always wondering if I could have got a better deal, or somewhere more unique… but when it’s done and booked, it’s such a relief. Now you can exhale and enjoy the journey!

    June 24, 2018 at 8:46 pm
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