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Tropical Daze

Chapter Seven

Location: Seychelles

I wanted to go back to La Digue (blog)and spend more time.  So Mother’s Day seemed like a good excuse for Arne to take me to La Digue.  So off we went!

The night before we left it rained like a son of a gun.  The rain storms here are truly a remarkable thing.  There is no such thing as a little bit of rain.  The water pours from the heavens in dinner plate size raindrops.  These storms start and stop with such suddenness  it is nearly impossible to find shelter before you are drenched.

And so of course, as we walked to the ferry to La Digue on Mother’s Day, the skies opened up and nearly drowned us when we were less than 100 yards from the terminal.  Completely soaked.

The one good thing was we were in our hiking clothes, which are quick-dry, and I had a towel in my backpack so we were nearly dry by the time the ferry docked in La Digue.

We had told the proprietor of the guest house we were staying in La Digue that we would walk from the ferry, but he was waiting there for us as we walked in the rain off the ferry, assuming rightly that we might want a ride after all.  Nice man.

We checked in to the cute little Zerof Guest House and used the somewhat unreliable wifi for awhile while we waited for the weather to clear.  And sure enough it did.  By this time we were completely dry so we headed to Grand Anse beach.  Our last visit to Grand Anse we didn’t swim here, so we really wanted to go back to this beautiful beach.  It’s about a 2 mile walk and on arrival there was nobody there.  I think everyone was scared away by the rain.  So once again we enjoyed this grand white sand beach all to ourselves.  The surf was very high and it was beautiful.

We walked back to the Guest House and cleaned up and then I got to talk on the phone with both my boys for a quick Mom’s Day Long Distance Hug.  We then walked to town (about two miles) and had a wonderful dinner at Fish Trap Restaurant where we enjoyed some great green salad, fresh fish and veggies!  Lots and lots of veggies!  The Fish Trap also has a really strong wifi signal so we took advantage and used the Text Now Ap to call both of our Mom’s as they were getting out of bed on Mother’s Day and we were ending our Mother’s Day here.

On Monday we woke to mostly clear skies.  We enjoyed breakfast provided by the nice people at the Guest House and spent some time online with their wifi doing some online shopping of things we need.  Arne’s Mom will be bringing us a care package in July.  Everything from deodorant to a can opener to socks.  Yippee.

The weather looked promising so we decided to walk three miles to a beach we hadn’t been to before called Anse Coco.  This required hoofing it over three seperate headlands and I was drenched with sweat on arrival.  For the remoteness of this beach I was surprised to see about ten other people at this beach.  But it is  a big beach and it still felt like our private paradise.

Back to the Guest House for a quick shower and a lunch of local Creole specialties including fried fish and pork curry before heading back to the ferry for the ride back to Praslin.

It was a nice was to spend a couple Tropical Daze, from tropical rain, to tropical sun, to tropical sand to tropical food.  I think the tropical life is where I’m meant to be.

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