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Turning Portuguese, I Think I’m Turning Portuguese, I Really Think So

Chapter Ten

Location: Portugal

For the last few days I’ve had that 1980’s punk rock song by the Vapors rolling around in my head – but with one change in the lyrics;

“I’m turning Portuguese, I think I’m turning Portuguese, I really think so. ”

Weird. I know.

But here is the thing – oh my gosh I love it here!  So I kinda think I’m turning Portuguese.

First of all I clearly can pass for a local – as long as I don’t open my mouth. Olive skin just soaks up the sun.

Turning Portuguese.

Secondly I love the weather. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve been. I totally expected it to be high humidity and tropical. It is neither. It’s like living in Arizona but with an ocean. The air is so dry. Hot days turn to cool, even nearly cold nights and mornings,  just like in the desert. But on the ocean. No air conditioning needed.

I think I’m turning Portuguese.

And then there is the food.  It’s heavenly.  A bit like Mediterranean, a bit like Spanish, but mostly unique and completely delicious.  The freshest seafood I have ever had.  Incredible beef, pork and cheese.  And the produce – especially right now.  It’s mind-boggling.  Top it with amazing wine and port and well- it’s purely Portuguese.

I really think so.

So the Vapors are rolling around in my head and I’m okay with that.  It reminds me of college – and it makes me happy to be Portuguese… at least for two more weeks.

That’s why I’m turning Portuguese, I think I’m turning Portuguese. I really think so!



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  • Reply Karlie

    Love how happy you are! I’ve only been to Lisbon (twice) but I completely fell in love with it. Portugal is a fabulous little country! Savour the rest of your time there.

    August 19, 2017 at 3:59 pm
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