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Uluru Sacred Legends

Kuniya and Liru

Location: Uluru Rock, Australia

There are many Uluru Sacred Legends, embraced and told by the local Anangu people.  The aboriginal Anangu are said to be possibly the oldest native people in the world, dating back more than 50,000 years.  The Uluru Sacred Legend is just one of many beautiful stories of this beautiful culture and their land.


The sunrises behind Uluru

Kuniya and Liru

Minyma Kuniya the python woman came from the east near Erldunda.  A bad feeling grew in her stomach – something was wrong.  She had to go to Uluru.


Uluru as seen from the base walk

Kuniya created inma (ceremony) to connect her eggs together.  She carried them to Uluru in a ring around her neck and placed them at Kuniya Piti.

Meanwhile, Kuniya’s nephew arrived on the other side of Uluru.  He was being chased by a war party of Liru (poisonous snake) men from out near Kata Tjuta.

He had broken the law in their land and they were sent to punish him.

The Liru men threw spears at Kuniya’s nephew.


Uluru as seen from the base walk.

One pierced his thigh and many others hit the side of Uluru.

One Liru warrior, Wati Liru, was left to care for the injured python man.  But he did not do his duty and left the injured man on his own.


Uluru cave

Minyma Kuniya realized that her nephew had been injured and was not being cared for properly.

She raced to Mutijulu Waterhole and saw Wati Liru high up on the cliff.  She called out to him about her nephew, but he only laughed.

Minyma Kuniya placed her wana (digging stick) upright in the ground in front of her.  Kneeling down, she picked up handfuls of sand and threw it over her body, singing and making herself stronger.


The morning sun puts a pink glow on Uluru

She was creating inma (ceremony) to help her confront Wati Liru.Kuniya moved toward Liru singing and dancing akuta – a dance step used by women ready to fight.


Shadow play

Kuniya hit him once over the head with her wana.  He fell down but got back up.  She hit him a second time and killed him.

Kuniya then went and found her injured nephew.  She picked him up, dusted him off, and carried him to Mutijulu Waterhole.

She created inma and combined their two spirits into one.  They became Wanampi, the rainbow serpent, who lives in and protects the waterhole today.

This story teaches a traditional form of payback


Admiring the 1000 foot cliffs

punishment – a spear to the thigh.  The punisher must then look after the injured person until they are well enough to care for themselves.

It also teaches about women’s intuition and that a woman may use force to protect her children.

This is a powerful story, Kuniya is a powerful women.

Story credit the Anangu People of Uluru and Uluru National Park and Parks Australia.

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