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Valentine My Valentine

There is some reference to Valentine’s Day here in Vietnam, but not much. Just like Christmas the holiday for me seems to be more on social media than in my everyday life. I know it’s there but it is not my focus.

I went back and read a Valentine post I wrote last year. In the post I talked about my husband and our years and years together. I talked about the big plans we had to make drastic changes to our lifestyle.

But the thing I wrote about that caught my attention the most was my description of how much we enjoyed just being together. Because of work and life’s daily demands our Valentine goal (and everyday goal) was to try to have some quality time together.

Wow. My life has changed so much. I think in the past 9 months since my husband retired and we began our vagabond life Grand Adventure we have been apart only a few hours at a time. And so far, we are still in love – and love being together.

We do coffee together, walk together, ride bikes or just sit quietly together.

Our choice to live a quieter, slower existence, together, is directly a result of realizing our mortality. Accepting that our life together has been blessed and deciding to make the most of our silver years together.  Realizing we don’t need much to be happy: a little roof over our head, time, experiences.

Nothing more.  No roses, chocolates or diamonds. None of this to me means love.  A perfect Valentine’s Day – a perfect day – is just one that I am with him and we decide together what adventures we may have. Or not- depends how we feel. Unrushed and relaxed.

Fabulous. The adventure continues.


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