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Zipline Across the Valley Isle

My third time on a zipline and the scenery was unsurpassed.  It was a great day spent with Skyline Eco Adventures of Maui – the company that built the very first zipline in the world.

Since I’ve done this before I was not afraid, although of course your heart pumps a little as you take that first plunge on each of the eight lines we zipped on.

But the most awesome thing that happened on our zipline was watching one lady, who was absolutely terrified and had obviously been coerced to come on the tour with her family.  She screamed through each and every line, and most likely had her eyes closed tight too.  But I was so amazed by her.  She was a true Fab Fifty Diva.  Here’s why;

At the very longest line, as she was buckled in and was ready to ride, she absolutely froze and could not do it.  They unbuckled her and she said no.  Everyone else had gone.  She stood there for the longest time.  She had this long one plus two more short ones to complete.  She was on one side of the canyon and her entire family was already on the other side.

(YouTube video of me on the Zipline)

We couldn’t hear the conversation she was having with the guide on the other side of the canyon, but eventually they buckled her back  in and she walked up to the edge.  Hesitating another minute she finally stepped off.  She screamed the entire way and then sobbed into her husbands arms when she arrived on the other side.  She did it.

And then she did it again.  She knew she had to and she did.  I went up to her – a complete stranger – and gave her a big hug.  I told her she was awesome.  She said she wasn’t.  But she was.  She conquered her fear and there is nothing more satisfying.  I hope she knows what a triumph it was.

I doubt she will ever zipline again, but it was inspiring to have this woman on our tour and know she had not given up.

Never give up.  Life is about facing our fears.  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

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