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Becoming by Michelle Obama

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    Book Review Becoming by Michelle Obama

    Reading Wednesday

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    Fascinating.  Forget the politics and just for a moment think about the journey.  This woman’s journey is fascinating.

    Raised in a tiny apartment in the Southside of Chicago. Despite their economic and racial status, Michelle Robinson Obama’s parents made sure she had lofty goals…and reached them.  Good enough.  With occasional doubts she constantly reminded herself that yes, she was good enough.

    Good enough to be accepted into one of Chicago’s best high schools.  Good enough to be accepted into Princeton.  Good enough to be accepted to Harvard Law.  And good enough to make a difference in the lives of many people, including her own family.

    Michelle Obama’s unlikely rise from a working class Chicago family to First Lady of the United States was more than good enough.  In her climb she remained graceful, focused, family centric and kind.  Never a politician, she focused on what she loved most of all – people.  Particularly children and military families.  Through her work she gave inspiration to women and girls, minorities and the poor throughout the USA and the world.  And in her book Becoming, she describes it all, in a matter-of-fact writing style punctuated with  honesty and tears, laughter and pain.

    Worth the read to see the inside working’s of the unofficial position of First Lady, the inside workings of a brilliant American woman and the inside working’s of approaching an exceptional life with an exceptional focus and positive attitude.

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Four stars for Becoming.

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