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    A Blog about Blogging

    Remaining Authentic to My Vision

    I’ve had this topic on my mind for a while – but my thoughts are seriously all over the map and I haven’t really been able to cull them into something presentable for you my readers.  But here I am finally trying to express it.  I might fail but let’s give it a try.  It’s time to Blog about Blogging.


    I had no preconceived notions when I started this blog almost SEVEN YEARS AGO.  What?  Where has the time gone?  I knew absolutely nothing about blogging.  And for many years I didn’t even try to learn.  I just wrote what I wanted when I wanted to with absolutely no expectations.  It was in the beginning, and still is, a journal of sorts. My Fab Fifties Life.  Pretty much says it all.

    Then Travel Happened

    But then of course we set out on the Grand Adventure and I suddenly became a ‘Travel Blogger’ without really intending to.  And then people started to notice.  Who are all these strangers who are reading and commenting on my blog? And then I suddenly felt compelled to succeed at what I was doing, and I began to take it more seriously and learn and study and work hard to learn a little about things like search engine optimization, algorithms, domain authority.  Then I met other bloggers and blogging communities and I learned more from all of them.  My eyes were opened.

    Everyone Thinks They Can Write

    And though I have met so many amazingly talented bloggers, my eyes have also been opened to something else.   There are many bloggers out there who have no writing experience or background.  It’s kinda weird to me.  Sometimes I run across a blog and I’m astonished at how poorly written it is.  For hobby blogging that is just fine.  But if they are trying to make a living, they need to become better writers. They may be really good at traveling, but have zero experience at writing.

    I myself am never going to win the Pulitzer Prize for my writing but I am a trained journalist and I’ve spent a career writing in many different formats.  I can write.  And when I started blogging it was because I was looking for the creative outlet of writing I so enjoy. It became about travel much later. It’s not a career for me, but I want my blog interesting and well presented.  I use my years of experience in the writing fields to make that happen.

    Because here is the most important thing about blogging.  Content.  Good well written content will make you succeed – first and foremost.

    Influencers – Not a fan of this title

    The term influencers is a title many bloggers and instagramers self-proclaim for generating income by writing and photographing destinations around the world and creating a buzz about those places.  And in return either getting paid or receive free travel.

    I have an internal struggle with my blogging because, as the blog has grown I find myself often hesitant to talk about wonderful places we find, or unique destinations or restaurants we stumble upon.  Because, will these places be so wonderful if everyone finds out about them?  I don’t want to be an influencer that sends thousands of people to that cute little villa or that secluded little beach.  I have no desire to influence anyone and make a unknown place the next “thing”.  I struggle with the question if my niche is too wide, and should I pare my work down to focus solely on traveling with low impact and expectations?  It’s a tough question. I haven’t yet figured out the answer.

    The Most Instagrammable Spots

    I  will never write a blog with this title nor will I ever read a blog with this title.  It just makes me so damn mad.  As I have mentioned in previous blogs I believe the advent of the selfie and Instagram has ruined a number of locations (ie Santorini) and as we know it has also caused some untimely deaths of people trying to get the best selfie (most recently in Yosemite).

    I will say this again – Yes, I take selfies.  Yes, I love to put my photography on Instagram, but I will NEVER, trespass, put myself in danger or cause other’s to feel uncomfortable JUST TO GET THAT MONEY SHOT.  I think I’ll puke the next pretty girl in long flowing gown I see posing for a shot and trying to make it look spontaneous.  It’s a big loss to authentic travel and an unfortunate side effect of our social media crazed world (and amazing photo editing tools at our fingertips).


    I earn a small amount of money for the stories I publish six times a year in a magazine back home.  It does not pay for our travels. That thought is laughable.  It does almost cover the costs I incur having my blog professionally hosted.  But as for the hours of work I put into my blog – I make no money.  Nada.

    I tried for a while to sell books on my book reviews through Amazon’s affiliate program.  But I didn’t make the cut for minimal sales and Amazon dropped me.  I have not attempted, so far, to get involved in any other affiliate programs to monetize my blog. But honestly I don’t need to make money.  I am not doing it for the money.  I’m doing it because I like to write, I love photography and I enjoy sharing these two passions.  I’m not looking for payment in return for talking about a specific destination or experience I have had.

    I lived that life in my career and I don’t want that in My Fab Fifties Life. I want to remain authentic to my original vision for this blog; write about happy things that inspire women in mid-life to seek adventure, be authentic, brave and fearless, while sharing my story of my own personal Fab Fifties journey.

    That is all

    That is all I want for the blog.  If you are inspired to find your own grand adventure, or inspired to read a book, or inspired to let your hair go grey, or inspired to try a new cuisine, or inspired to walk 100 miles, or inspired to purge and minimize, or inspired to get on an airplane to somewhere you always dreamed of – then this blog has served its purpose.

    And it has done it authentically.




    Everything Else Fabulous

    We are back – New and Improved

    Starting 2018 with Upgrades for the Blog

    Location: My Fab Fifties Life

    Over the past month we have been working hard on some upgrades to My Fab Fifties Life and now with the new year we are back fresh and new!

    Most of the changes, you as a reader will not be aware of, as the changes are technical and behind the scenes. But there is one important change you will notice.  My Fab Fifties Life now has all new categories/topics, creating a more user friendly blog.

    We have removed several categories that were no longer  relevant as My Fab Fifties Life has evolved.  But most importantly we have created new topics for all the travel blogs based on world regions.  A much simpler and easier to use system.

    If you are new to My Fab Fifties Life you can look at the topics and click on regions of interest such as Fab Africa Travel or Fab North America Travel. If you are a long time follower and now you are planning a trip, say to Croatia, you can click on Fab Europe Travel, put Croatia in the search bar and pull up everything we have written on that topic.

    And if you have been away from the blog for a spell (shame on you!) you can click on Fab Asia Travel and catch up on where we are right now!

    You’ll notice in addition to the travel categories there is still Fabulous Reading Wednesday (because I love to read) and Fab Food (because I love food!).  Also the My Fab Fifties Life junk drawer category (everyone needs a junk drawer) Everything Else Fabulous.

    To find our categories go to the TOPICS drop down box at the top of this page.  Or if you are on  a PC or laptop the topics are also listed on the right column.

    Easy and quick and more reader friendly.

    We’ve also made some upgrades to the photo library to help present the photos better in each blog.

    If you follow on Facebook you’ll notice some new videos related to the blogs and a new cover shot each time we visit a new country. If you are following our Instagram account you will see even more beautiful photos and videos daily.

    We want to keep you engaged and enjoying the work we do with My Fab Fifties Life.

    So we have a few favors to ask of you- our valued followers. First and most important are you receiving the blog in your email inbox?  Because if you are relying on Facebook only, then you are only seeing about a quarter of our blog posts. I encourage you (beg, plead) to sign up right now to get My Fab Fifties Life via email. It’s easy to do – if you are reading this on a mobile device there is a email sign up at the bottom of this post. If you are reading this on a PC or laptop there is an email sign up in the upper right hand corner.  I would be very grateful for your support via email.

    Are you on Pinterest? We are building our presence on that valuable search engine tool and expanding
    our reach through Pinterest is one of our new goals. Please pin and repin our blogs as often as you can which would help us a lot. Just hover on any photo in any My Fab Fifties Life blog and you will get the Pinit save button. Snap it’s done.

    We encourage you to coment inside the blog, rather than on the Facebook comment section. This is another way My Fab Fifties Life gets pushed to the top of the very crowded Google ladder.

    Next month My Fab Fifties life celebrates its 5th Birthday! My baby is growing up!  Thanks to all of you for your help and support. It takes a village and you are my village!  Fabulous!