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    Your Imperfections Make You Who You Are

    In Control of my Camino

    Location: Portugal

    After 57 years I have a friend in my body. I know it well. I listen when it talks. In return it is supportive and pretty reliable.

    I don’t use anti-aging creams and potions. I don’t try to act or look younger.  I have no interest in trying to look 30, act 40 or any other age than what I am. I proudly display my silver crown as grey Goddess. I’ve earned it. I am 57 without shame. Don’t tell me I’m too old for anything – I abhor ageism and the limitations it attempts to impose on me.  I heard a quote by Susan Sarandon just today , “As you get older, it’s your imperfections that make you who you are.”  Damn straight.

    I am not old. I just am. And I will walk 500 miles.

    For nearly a year we have been training for this walk.  If I’m not ready now I never will be.

    I am in control of the things I can control – I stopped running three weeks ago because my body said I should.  The constant sciatic pain disappeared when I didn’t run.  So for now, there will be no more running.  I’ll try again in a few months.

    I stopped taking my statin (after consulting with my doctor back home).  I slowly became aware the statin was causing me joint and muscle pain.  So for now, I’m off. In a few months I’ll have my cholesterol checked and make a decision with my doctor.  But for now, my body says no.

    We’ve walked and trained and walked some more. Only one training day left.  This I control.

    There will be things I can’t control- weather, sickness, injury, and more.  But I won’t dwell on these things.  There is no point.

    Instead I am excited. Ready. Hopeful. Prepared – and definitely not old.

    Time to enjoy the final training days of a year of preparation.  Grateful to this body for all it provides, including the wisdom of nearly six decades.

    Proud and Fabulous and Ready.