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    Top Six Delicious Things to Eat for Breakfast in Sri Lanka

    Location: Sri Lanka

    Step away from the bacon and eggs.  Give a rest to the omelette and toast.  Wondering what to eat for breakfast in Sri Lanka? When in Sri Lanka eat like the locals do with these six delicious Sri Lankan breakfast specialities.

    1. Hoppers – I could eat these all day, and actually you can eat them for more than breakfast.  There are two kinds of hoppers (see below for the second), but my favorite is the “crepe” like hopper.  Made with a batter in a bowl shaped griddle, the hopper holds the bowl shape to cradle a fried egg inside.

      Hopper with egg on the right and curry and dhal on the left

      Absolutely delicious and a perfect little boat for your egg. These hoppers can also be served at breakfast (or later in the day) filled with curry and dhal. So good.

    2. String Hoppers – made from thin noodles and formed into little nests, the string hopper is delicious with yellow lentil dhal, so healthy

      Lots of goodies on this plate including egg hopper, string hopper and Pol Sambol

      and good for you.  Experienced eaters of string hopper can put the dhal inside and eat it almost like a taco. This takes some practice, so I enjoyed my string hopper with dhal on top and eaten with knife and fork.

    3. Pol Roti – You’ll find Roti everywhere and at any meal, but at breakfast it is usually coconut Roti.  Roti is a delicious unleavened flatbread found in many countries including India, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Maldives, Bangladesh and Malaysia.  Made

      Pol Roti with butter and katta sambol

      with coarse ground flour, coconut, water and salt and grilled and served warm.  We have eaten it spread with butter as well as spread with Katta Sambol.  I’m in love with Katta Sambol.  Usually I don’t like spicy but this delicious chili paste is perfect with Roti and

      Katta Sambol

      other dishes and has just the right amount of heat.

    4. Pol Sambol – another spicy concoction served at many meals but we have enjoyed it often at breakfast.  Used as a condiment (like Katta

      Coconut used for Pol Roti

      Sambol), Pol Sambol is  grated coconut, lots of garlic, lots of chili powder, red onion and lime juice.  Wow.

    5. Milk Rice – the first time I ordered this I was expecting something like a porridge.  But no.  Milk rice arrives in a small block or triangle and is sticky and dense like sushi rice.  Milk Rice, also called Kiribath, tastes similar to a rice pudding.  We have eaten it sweetened

      Milk Rice and Katta Sambol

      with coconut milk or savory with onion mixed in served with Katta Sambal.

    6. Toast Sandwich – this is the closest thing to a western breakfast.  A cooked egg placed inside white bread, spread with an onion garlic mixture then cooked on a sandwich press.  It’s a cross between french toast and omelette.  Good and easy finger food.

    There you have it.  Enjoy the local cuisine when you travel.  You discover so much about a place through its food.  Sri Lanka is delicious.