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    When I Am 58 I Will Wear an Orange Kaftan

    Fashion Over Fifty with Fab Comfort

    Location: Sri Lanka

    So it’s my birthday.  Fifty-Eight.  Fabulous Fifty- Eight.  Spending this one in fabulous Sri Lanka, where Fab style has a different meaning.

    Fashion over fifty with fab comfort

    My new Kaftan

    And so I decided it was time.  I may look like a walking circus tent – or maybe not.  But I have found in my travels and in My Fab Fifties Life,

    Batik going on the fabric

    comfort trumps fashion every time.  Especially when it’s 200% humidity.

    I now own a Kaftan.  And not just any Kaftan – I had one made to my specification.  The fabric created, hand painted and then dyed. I wanted orange.  Bright colors look best with my Fabulous Grey Goddess hair.

    Coming out of the dye vat

    I wanted long to the ground and to cover my shoulders.  You see in so many countries we travel to, women must cover; legs, shoulders, midriff.  This will be an easy thing to throw on for visiting mosques and temples, historic sites or walking around town or to a restaurant. Or just going to the beach to watch the sunset. It fits this life – this Fab Fifties Life.

    Fashion over fifty with fab comfort

    Hello 58!

    I love that I met the women who were responsible for making the batik and dyeing the fabric.  I love that I met the man who sewed it.  He was so darn sweet I wanted to buy everything in his shop. In fact, I bought another dress too.  Not a kaftan, but also with sleeves and covering my knees.

    And best of all, guess what?  These made to my specifications, hand batiked and dyed dresses cost me $20 each.  Fabulous.

    Happy Birthday to me.  It’s gonna be another amazing year.