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Sing Unburied Sing

    Reading Wednesday

    Book Review – Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward

    Reading Wednesday

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    Book Review Sing Unburied Sing by Jesmyn Ward ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Winner of numerous awards, Ward (Salvage the Bones 2011) puts the reader in her latest novel deep in rural Gulf Coast USA. Here you find JoJo, a young-boy, nearly a man, trying to find where he fits in the world.

    His black mother Leonie, drug abuser and selfish women with no maternal instincts, is no help to him. His white father, in jail with demons of his own  can’t be a role model.

    JoJo looks to his grandparents Pop and Mam, each with their own mysteries, but both who love him.

    Unusual family, unusual boy, JoJo struggles to love and be loved and understand the mysteries that surround and plague him. A story of coming of age, race, family, ghosts and magical beliefs in the mystical Deep South- Sing Unburied Sing is a lyrical story that will capture your heart.

    Four stars for Sing Unburied Sing.

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