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A Life Without Water

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    Book Review A Life Without Water by Marci Bold

    How can two people who have endured the greatest of loss come together and forgive? Here is my book review A Life Without Water by Marci Bold.

    Carol has built a career, found the love of her life, lost the love of her life, all while putting the greatest tragedy behind her and never looking back.

    John has searched for Carol (Carolyn) for more than 20 years, ever since she walked out the door and never said good bye. Now John’s own health brings him back into her life as they both navigate what it means to forgive.

    Finding a path to forgiveness in a world where resentment, alcoholism, tragedy and hostility prevent these characters from seeing through their own grief to understand how to heal. John and Carol will embark on a USA road trip to sprinkle the ashes of their daughter, dead nearly 20 years, at the famous sites of America. In doing so they will learn so much about each other while coming to terms with the grief that has haunted them both.

    Although somewhat predictable, Bold’s writing conveys the emotional story and the sadness of these two characters, even while being a bit familiar and formularized in the vein of Jodi Picoult.

    Thank you for reading my book review A Life Without Water by Marci Bold.

    ***Three stars for A Life Without Water by Marci Bold.

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