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    Book Review After Annie by Anna Quindlen

    Sad but beautiful novel about grief and loss. Here is my book review After Annie by Anna Quindlen


    Suddenly everything changed. Annie – wife, mother, friend, nurse. One day she is all of these things, and then she is gone. Annie’s sudden death from a brain aneurism will unravel those who loved and needed her most.

    Family & Friends

    A women like Annie, is the kind of person who you think will just always be there. Fierce and funny, despite an overbearing mother in law, Annie loves her husband Bill and her four children and the family is tight. Annie leaves behind oldest daughter Ali, whose own grief at the loss of her mom right in front of her eyes, is pushed aside as Ali struggles to care for her younger siblings, as her father unravels.

    Annie’s lifelong friend Annemarie, a recovering addict, also begins to unravel after the loss of her friend, her rock. Annie was Annemarie’s lifeline, keeping her sober after several near death experiences. But with Annie gone Annemarie begins to find her grief is forcing her back to old habits.

    Moving Forward

    Ali, Bill and Annemarie will all suffer excruciating grief as they learn to grapple with the loss of this immense figure in their lives. But as the clock slowly ticks each will begin to move forward, by realizing how much strength Annie herself has gifted them before her death. They will grow and endure, just as Annie would want them to.

    This is a story of hope, love, strength and finding understanding after profound change. This is what happened After Annie. ****Four stars for After Annie by Anna Quindlen.

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