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Emancipation Proclamation

    Reading Wednesday

    Book Review The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris

    As of right now, I would say this book will end up in my top five for the year. Time will tell, but it was a superbly written debut novel. Here is my book review The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris.


    The Civil War is in its final days and the Emancipation Proclamation has freed slaves, including brothers Prentiss and Landry. But when Prentiss and Landry encounter George Walker wandering in the woods and grieving the loss of his only son in the war, everything will change.

    George’s wife Isabelle is distraught over the death of their son, and angry with her husband for it. George decides to turn his land into a peanut farm, to channel his own grief in work, and hires Prentiss and Landry to work the farm and live in the barn.


    Neighbors and the town’s elite are in an uproar over the Walker’s giving room and board and work to the black men and the Walker’s are chastised and admonished.

    But while this is all going on a forbidden romance bubbles between two confederate soldiers, until Landry witnesses the lovers together.

    The result will change the lives of not only the brothers, the lovers and the Walker’s, but nearly every person in the town of Old Ox.

    Beautifully Written

    The writing in this book is perfect and the story unfolds in Harris’ hands like a fine painting. I was riveted and could not put this book down. It is sweet, sad, violent, hopeful, painful and honest. A fresh new look from the viewpoint of exquisitely crafted characters, of this turning point period in our countries history.

    Go read this book. I hope you enjoyed my book review The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris.

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    *****Five stars for The Sweetness of Water by Nathan Harris.