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    Book Review Less by Andrew Sean Greer

    This fun and funny 2017 Pulitzer Prize winning novel will surely put a smile on your face. Here is my book review Less by Andrew Sean Greer.

    Arthur Less, mildly successful author is less known for his own writing than for his long relationship with Pulitzer Prize wining poet Robert Brownburn. When Arthur’s latest book is rejected by his publisher, and Arthur’s latest love Freddy is marrying someone else, Less is lost.

    Greer creates a lovable character in Arthur Less, and a fun and sentimental story as Arthur Less begins a world literary tour, running from his own problems to numb the loss of the man he loves.

    From New York City to Mexico City to Berlin to Morocco to India, Greer brilliantly builds this novel; part love story, part travel story, Less is a look at navigating loss and midlife and coming out whole on the other side.

    The adventures of Arthur Less will have you laughing and crying and being hopeful for this man who just wants to be happy and be loved. Isn’t that what we all want? I hope you enjoyed my book review Less by Andrew Sean Greer.

    *****Five stars for Less by Andrew Sean Greer

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