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    Reading Wednesday

    Book Review Do Tell by Lindsay Lynch

    Edie O’Dare’s less than perfect childhood has her scrambling to be anywhere but home as soon as she can get out. But little does she know how her life will unfold in the star studded and glamorous days of Hollywood in the 1930’s. Here is my book review Do Tell by Lindsay Lynch.

    Lindsay Lynch’s debut novel was a surprise hit for me. An easy read with a page-turner plot, I breezed through it. Great characters and an eye-opening story about the behind the scenes world of actors and the studios in early Hollywood.


    Edie O’Dare is a not so successful character actress in Hollywood. She manages a few films with her contract with FWM Studios. But on the side she also is a writer, working for the local reigning gossip columnist. But as Edie’s contract is coming to an end and she knows it won’t be renewed, she launches her own column – Do Tell. She rocks Hollywood with a story about Hollywood’s number one heart throb who is accused by a young starlet of rape.

    As Edie’s column becomes more successful, her need to get the scoop on the inside of Hollywood will lose her friends and colleagues, while gaining her money and fame. Although she has always known about the secrets of Hollywood; arranged marriages by the studio, hidden affairs of the rich and famous, and deeply hidden sexuality – now Edie is on the other side of the business where she can capitalize on these trysts. But should she? Does she?

    I enjoyed this book very much and can see why it is on all the must read lists for 2023. I’m glad I did. I hope you enjoyed my book review Do Tell by Lindsay Lynch for this week’s Reading Wednesday. See last week’s book review Lucky Dogs by Helen Schulman.

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