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    How To Incorporate Summer Pieces Into Your Fall Wardrobe

    Location: In the USA

    I have had so many people ask me if I’m going to do a travel wardrobe blog post this fall. You might remember I have done this in the past two years when I was heading back out on the Grand Adventure. Both these posts from the past were really well received (see Travel Wardrobe 2018 here and Travel Wardrobe 2019 here). Well the Grand Adventure, unfortunately, remains in pause mode, but since you all seem interested I thought I would offer a different take on fashion for the Fab Fifties set. Let’s look at how to incorporate summer pieces into your fall wardrobe.

    Summer to Fall on a Budget

    I’ve dropped thirty pounds over the past four months and I therefore needed to purchase several new clothing items over the summer. Now that the weather has turned, I’m looking through my closet and still can’t find anything to wear. What’s a girl to do?

    Taking Inventory

    My grey hair has made yellow one of my favorite colors in my closet

    So I spent one afternoon going through my closet, figuring out what I had that fit and styling my new summer finds with many of my old (some REALLY old) pieces I have held on to over the years. I used five different pairs of pants as the base to build an entire wardrobe that can take me right on into the winter and back to spring…and it may well be we are still here in the USA come spring.


    I try as often as possible to have bright colors near my face.

    My style may not be your style but I think the premise is the same no matter what your favorite fashion aesthetic is – build a new wardrobe from favorites you already own. I’ve always leaned a bit to the classics, rarely buying anything too trendy or the look of the moment. I do most of my shopping at classically tailored American stores that fit a women of a certain age including Talbots, J Jill, and sometimes Nordstrom or Macy’s. I bought some jeans recently that I love at White House Black Market. I might go check that place out again soon. But the point is, with a few classics in your closet you can mix and match throughout the seasons, including learning how to incorporate summer pieces into your fall wardrobe.


    Since becoming a grey goddess about seven years ago, I learned that my fashion and make up color choices needed to adjust to my new hair color. If you are one of the thousands of women who has let her hair go natural during lockdown I salute you. And now is the time to consider if your make up needs a change and are you wearing the right colors – particularly colors near your face. I wear bright colors a lot, but I also like black and navy with my hair color. I stay away from pale pastels, most tans and browns and only occasionally wear gray. Bright and cheerful works for me and my complexion and hair.

    So let me share with you how I took five pairs of pants and created more than twenty new outfits. Here we go.

    Black Jeans

    Summer to Fall Fashion
    Black Jeans Four Ways

    I bought these jeans at White House Black Market and they are comfortable and fit great. I will be able to wear these in endless ways, but here I show you four different looks. Left to right –

    1. Summer print blouse from Talbots tucked in with black belt.

    2. Leopard print sweater also from Talbots but this sweater is at least 10 years old.

    3. Black t-shirt from Target and covered with oversize polka dot blouse from Talbots that is about 15 years old.

    4. Finally, this ruched top from J Jill I bought right before I started losing weight, and now I am swimming in it. But I like the print so cinched it up with a little side knot and I think it looks cute.

    Navy Blue Linen Slacks

    Summer to Fall Fashion
    Navy Pants

    I bought these lined linen slacks with a button detail at the ankle at J Jill early in the summer. I like the side zip fit and the length is nice for most of my shoes. Like denim jeans, navy blue slacks are a great wardrobe basic and I’m sure I will wear these a lot. Here I styled them five ways (clockwise);

    1. Simple and comfy with this long sleeve striped t-shirt I got from Nordstrom this past spring.

    2. Dressed up a bit with the darling short sleeve mint green sweater from Talbots

    3. Looking all business like in this soft grey cotton blazer and navy/grey plaid scarf

    4. I love this summer button down from Talbots in navy checked fabric, looks great with the navy pant and

    5. Paired with one of my classic blouses I’ve had for years. This white button down is from Jones New York and the pink sweater is about five years old from Talbots.

    Gray Blue Slacks

    Summer to Fall Fashion
    Grey Pants

    I like these pants because depending on what you pair with them sometimes they look gray and sometimes they look blue. They are a wide leg short length. I’ve paired them with different shoes here but I kinda like them with the white Converse. Cute. Left to right –

    1. Dressed up with black T-shirt from Target and a black linen blazer I have owned probably twenty years.

    2. The denim jacket is a staple and I love it here paired with an ancient wine colored turtle neck and my black boots.

    3. Chunky cable knit black sweater (circa 1999) with quilted vest and my new red hat my friend Lisa made me.

    4. And finally, my favorite soft denim button down goes with everything, including these great pants.

    Pink Pants

    Summer to Fall FAshion
    Pink Pants

    There is no reason not to bring some bright colors (beyond fall orange) into your fall wardrobe and these Talbot pink pants are so cute and comfy I plan to wear them all year long. Here are four ideas to take these pants into fall;

    1. Paired with a gray and pink plaid button-down from Talbots that is about 8 years old and layered with a black cardigan from Casalon at Nordstrom.

    2. The Talbots mint green cardigan makes an appearance again with this pretty scarf.

    3. My Jones New York classic white button down is here with this sage green denim jacket I got on clearance at Talbots this summer.

    4. And finally I love this fun look with the layered Talbots navy blue checkered button down topped with this lightweight black and white stripped cotton sweater from Talbots.

    Black Leggings

    Summer to Fall Fashion
    Black Leggings

    Yep every girl needs some black leggings no matter what the season. And since I accidentally spilled bleach on my last pair, I bought these online from American Eagle this spring. I didn’t have much cause to wear them over the summer, but I sure will now that fall is here.

    1. This oversized sweater with drop shoulder neckline is from Nordstrom but it is at least ten years old. It is perfect with leggings and booties.

    2. Here I paired two summer sweaters – a polka dot sweater tank from Talbots and a soft and sheer cardigan from JJill with pearls for a easy but fun look for a special occasion.

    3. My classic white button down with a few accessories is all you need.

    4. I love this look because this color looks so great with my hair. This sweater is a bargain purchase at Costco and the scarf I have had forever.

    Key Take Aways

    I love fashion and dressing in a way that I look and feel good without being flashy or trashy, dumpy or frumpy. And I really love when I can do that on a budget. Building a seasonal wardrobe that includes tried and try and a little new is easy and fun when you start with the basics you already own. Once you have the tools to incorporate summer pieces into your fall wardrobe, it will work for all seasons. My biggest advice for Fabulous Fifties Fashion is to wear bright colors that complement your skin tone and hair, while staying away from large patterns. Loose fitting is better than skintight but not to the point of baggy like a tent. Always remember to consider your footwear (a critical component of looking put together) and your undergarments (invest in the foundation so your clothes hang like they should).

    Be Comfortable. Be Beautiful. Be Fabulous.

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