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    Reading Wednesday

    Book Review The Choice by Nicholas Sparks

    This will be a short review. I didn’t like this book. Yawn… here is my book review of The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

    Usually I would put down a book like this, or more likely never start it. But I needed a read and this was all I had at the moment. I know Nicholas Sparks is beloved by many readers, but for me, this is not my kind of book.

    Predictable to peril, sappy and silly, the story of two neighbors who fall in love, marry, have kids, endure a tragedy but live happily ever after was boring. I knew at every page what was going to happen next.

    My apologies to all those Sparks lovers…I know he has millions of fans. But I need a more challenging read and don’t plan to read anymore by this author.

    **Two stars for The Choice by Nicholas Sparks.

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