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    Keep to the Paths of the Righteous

    My Camino Day Seven

    Location: Camino de Santiago

    I am not Catholic or particularly religious. I am not walking the Camino de Santiago for religious reasons, although it has a definite spiritual quality.  I believe anytime you have the opportunity to spend hours walking quietly you will find your inner peace and personal spiritual being. Whatever that is for

    The path crosses this 2000 year old Roman bridge


    The Camino or Way of Saint James has an incredible history that goes well back before Catholicism to Pagan and Roman times and perhaps further.

    Difficult rocky descent

    Pilgrims walked for many reasons for many thousands of years.  Read an interesting article here.

    And today the renewed interest in the Camino as a physical or spiritual journey has created a tourism destination that spans thousands of miles, numerous routes and multiple countries, bringing hundreds of thousands of visitors to Santiago each year.

    Up and away

    Buen Camino.

    I’m not all that familiar with the Bible but as I walk and contemplate I’ve found certain bible verses I know come to mind as I reflect on things I’m seeing and doing.

    For instance I am a bit astonished at the variety of pathways and conditions of pathways we have walked on over the

    Meeting friends on the path

    past seven days.  This verse comes to mind;

    So you will walk in the way of good men And keep to the paths of the righteous. Proverbs 2:20

    A dirt path through the vineyards

    Not all of the original “way” is still available. Unfortunately over time and when the Camino had fallen out of favor some of the route was paved over and destroyed. But it’s still easy to envision walking

    Through the hay fields

    where pilgrims a thousand years ago and pilgrims just yesterday have walked – and keep to the paths of righteous.

    While trying to be righteous I’m also trying to not trip on loose rocks, slip on scattered shale, step in horse or cow dung or fall in creeks and streams. I’m also trying to remember to look up from the path and enjoy the

    2000 year old Roman Road

    scenery, stop and smell the flowers or taste the wild blackberries and drink water and put on sunscreen.  I’m also trying to not get run over by cars or cyclists

    Here the path parallels a busy highway. Pilgrims weave crosses into the chainlink fence

    keep my eyes open for markers and arrows pointing the way and cheerfully greet other pilgrims with a sincere Buen Camino!  To walk in the way of good men. 

    84 miles done. 405 Miles to go. 🙃