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    Book Review Taste My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci

    As you likely know, I love food. I love to cook, eat and I especially like to explore foods of the world when I travel. I find the connection of food to world cultures utterly fascinating. And I like food so much I even like reading about food. So I knew I would like this book. Here is my book review Taste My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci.

    I had heard of Stanley Tucci’s “Searching for Italy” show on CNN, but since I don’t own a TV I had never watched it. It had really good reviews, and so did this book, so I dived right in.

    It’s always fun to see another side of a celebrity, and Tucci an award winning actor has a profound foodie side. Not just from his Italian American heritage but about food from travels around the world. In this book he defines himself now as less of an actor and more of a foodie.

    The book is a collection of anecdotes from his childhood and college, first and second marriage, acting, writing and traveling. The book includes a wonderful collection of recipes too…and I intend to use these soon.

    He also is surprisingly funny. It’s been awhile since I laughed out loud while reading…what is funny about food? Well, when the author is Stanley Tucci there is a lot of funny.

    I had a fun and mouth watering read of this short and easy book. I hope you enjoyed my book review Taste My Life Through Food by Stanley Tucci.

    *****Five stars for Taste My Life Through Food

    My current read The Mermaid’s Chair by Sue Monk Kidd

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