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The House of Eve

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    Book Review The House of Eve by Sadequ Johnson

    Unfortunately I was expecting more from this book, given it’s reviews. But for me it fell a bit flat. Sorry to those of you who loved it, I just didn’t. Here is my book review The House of Eve by Sadequ Johnson.

    In The House of Eve we follow to parallel stories set in the 1950’s. First we meet Ruby in Philadelphia, a fifteen- year old girl who is destine to become the first in her family to attend college. No thanks to her mother, who has essentially abandoned her and she is living with her aunt. Ruby is totally focused on the scholarship she must have to go to college. Until she Ruby, who is black, falls in love with a white Jewish boy named Shimmie. Her story and her life will take a definite right hand turn.

    We also meet Eleanor. Arriving in Washington DC to attend Howard University after a rural up bringing in Ohio. Eleanor meets and falls head over heels with William. But William hails from one of the cities most affluent black families, and Williams mother will make Eleanor’s life miserable, as she and William marry and Eleanor becomes pregnant.

    The plot can be intriguing at times, but I was very annoyed with some of the characters; William and his horrible mother, and Ruby’s horrible mother as well. I found the ending a bit too contrived for the convenience of the storyline and unrealistic. Perhaps the author is hoping for a sequel…?

    ***I can only give this book three stars…although I know many people will love this book.

    Three stars for The House of Eve. Thank you for reading my book review The House of Eve by Sadequ Johnson.

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