Around the World Nine Times, Only Lost Luggage Twice

Six Years of Travel 235,000 Miles

Airline travel this summer has been difficult to say the least. I personally know many people who lost luggage, including my own adult kids. In fact the luggage they lost took nine days to find them, and several items had been stolen from the bag when it finally arrived. But, up until this year, our travels since April 2016 have indirectly but quantitatively taken us around the world nine times, only lost luggage twice.

Alas times have changed. You can stay on top of this issue here.

Shortest flight Mahe to Praslin Seychelles 29 miles

All the trickle down from Covid and staff losses, combined with a pent up demand for travel have made this summer unique in the history of air travel. I feel really blessed to have had such good luck with the 161 flights we have taken since beginning the Grand Adventure in April 2016.


The Numbers

These numbers are pretty remarkable so I wanted to share them with you, in an effort to show how reliable air travel has been up until now. In our 161 flights over a period of six years we only lost our bags twice. The first time was on Air Maroc in Casablanca and it was only for two hours. The second time was on Iceland Air from Reykjavik to Copenhagen and it was for four days. It shows the system has been really reliable when you consider the following numbers;

Total Miles Flown April 2016 to July 2022 is 235,000 – an equivalent of nine times around the earth.

Total Number of take off and landings 161

Total number of airports 127

Farthest flight Seattle to Dubai 7410 miles

Shortest flight Mahe Seychelles to Praslin Seychelles 29 miles

Smallest Airport and Airplane (six seater) Placencia Belize to Punta Cana Belize

Top Four Airports;

Seattle USA 29 flights

Don Muang Thailand 7 flights

Rio de Janiero Brazil and Kahului Maui tied at 6

Heathrow England, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand and Casablanca Morocco tied at 5

Top USA Airports after Seattle are Las Vegas and San Francisco at 4, JFK at 3 and Boston at 2

Total number of airlines 55

Most frequent airlines;

Alaska 17

Air Asia 10

British 8

Qatar and Agean tied at 6

Delta and GOL tied at 5

Highest mileage airlines;

Alaska 32,000

British 20,400

Emirates 17,200

Qatar 12,500

Iceland 12,300

787 for a short flight from Mombasa to Nairobi

Moving Forward

It’s hard to know if the airline industry will ever get back to the way it was. I think it’s doubtful. There are many things that the PanDamit has changed, and it’s likely those changes are here to stay. We have a three week trip coming up next week. It involves multiple flights. To avoid lost luggage we will carry on our bags for the first time. I’m working hard on a capsule wardrobe that will cover my needs during this three week trip. I’ll tell you about how I’m doing that in a blog next Friday so please check back.

Meanwhile, I can do some things to help make my trip a success, like packing light and checking on, arriving for my flight well in advance and having all my documents ready. But of course I don’t have control over canceled or overbooked flights, staffing issues or weather. C’est la vie.

Around the World Nine Times Only Lost Luggage Twice

Around the world nine times, only lost luggage twice. I’ve never had a flight canceled ( though we have had many delays) and we only missed a flight once which was our fault. Fingers crossed these statistics will stay the same by the time I return back to Seattle after three whirlwind weeks in the end of September.

Here is some more valuable information for you What to do if Your Flight is Canceled.

Shout out to my hubs for his incredible Excel spread sheet that has the most amazing and in-depth and detailed information about the Grand Adventure. You wouldn’t believe the data I have at my fingertips. Thanks honey for that. Ask me anything…we probably have the answer on the spreadsheet!

Be sure to come back for next week’s blog post about my capsule carry-on wardrobe for three weeks in the English Channel Islands, France and then Acadia National Park Maine.

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  • Reply Sue

    Love all these stats, I’m now wishing I’d kept a spreadsheet too! And I agree, with all my travel I have actually only lost a bag once & it arrived the same night. But to avoid the chaos I did recently have over 2 weeks in Greece with hand luggage only. It was a revelation & made life so much easier I have plans to make it a much more regular thing.

    September 2, 2022 at 11:30 pm
    • Reply Laureen

      I’m looking forward to see how this next trip goes with carry on! Just another adventure!

      September 3, 2022 at 7:02 am
  • Reply Heather

    Wow well done!!! I’m impressed and that you keep such thorough records too!

    September 3, 2022 at 5:24 am
    • Reply Laureen

      Haha. This is just the top of the iceberg. #lifewithanerd

      September 3, 2022 at 7:01 am
  • Reply Alma

    Interesting statistics! Great to have all that info at your (or your hubby’s fingertips!) Looking forward to reading about your carry on luggage tips.

    September 3, 2022 at 5:40 am
    • Reply Laureen

      Thank you Alma!

      September 3, 2022 at 7:00 am
  • Reply Linda (LD Holland)

    It was certainly interesting to see your travel numbers over the years. We have yet to lose our luggage. But in the last year we have had major damage done to our bags twice. And a friend we met up with lost her bags and only were reunited with them when she returned home 2 weeks later. I understand the temptation to move to carry on only. But I am positive that will not happen.

    September 3, 2022 at 6:53 am
    • Reply Laureen

      I won’t go to carry on only except for this next trip. I’m pretty sure I couldn’t for long term. It will be interesting to see how the three weeks go!

      September 3, 2022 at 7:00 am
  • Reply Marilyn

    The airline interest is certainly an industry that’s undergoing a major overall, and it’s certainly time. I learnt many years ago that the main reason for temporary loss of luggage is due to a number of factors; the aircraft needs fuel, then passengers, then food and if this combined weight has reached the limit; luggage is left behind. Therefore, it’s time for passengers to be more aware of their temporary needs when travelling for short holidays.

    September 3, 2022 at 10:21 pm
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