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Book Review Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman

My second Abbi Waxman book, I really loved The Garden of Small Beginnings by Abbi Waxman which I read a couple of summers ago. This new book, was also fun with some recurring characters from the last book. Here is my book review Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman.

Laura Costello arrives in Los Angeles looking to get away from her overbearing mother and to start anew. After surviving a terrible car accident, she is longing for a new beginning.

But her first week in LA her apartment catches on fire and she is forced into a living situation with a new group in a communal house. And thus her adventures begins. Her new friends include a rogue bookseller and trivia lover, a friendly land lady carrying a sad weight, an energetic women hiding a secret and a gorgeous man with a love of gardening and baseball. Laura finds friendship and healing among this eccentric group.

Laura will make peace with her tragedy, her family, her past and build a new future in this sweet story of friendship, love and breaking free.

****Four stars for Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman. Thanks for reading my Book Review Adult Assembly Required by Abbi Waxman.

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