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Book Review Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Okay, usually when I don’t love a book I don’t write a review about it. However, this book is one that I know a lot of people would actually enjoy…it’s just not my cup of tea. Described by even the author herself as “Hallmark Channel”…I struggled. But, if you are a fan of sweet, small town romance, read this book. Here is my book review Book Lovers by Emily Henry.

Nora Stephens is a cutthroat literary agent. Prone to failed relationships, she spends her time being successful for both her clients and herself. The only person Nora would ever bend over backwards for is her beloved younger sister Libby.

So when Libby invites Nora to spend a month in a tiny little town called Sunshine Falls, Nora, with a groan, agrees. Libby presents Nora with a list of all the fun and unusual things they will do during their month-long get-away. But right off the bat Nora runs into her nemesis from back in New York City, book editor Charlie Lastra. Nora and Charlie both have a reputation of being difficult and driven. But when in Sunshine Falls…

The book for me was so predictable I didn’t even need to finish it to know how it ends. A few too many coincidences to keep the story moving. Suffice to say, it’s happily ever after. And despite lots of drama that includes grief, failing businesses, high-strung authors, and an unexpected announcement from Libby… Nora will find a way to be happy in love, career, life, and New York City.

*** 3 stars for Book Lovers by Emily Henry

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