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Day Hikes in the Pacific Northwest

Summer and Fall a Great Time to Hike

Location: Pacific Northwest

Hiking is one of our most favorite activities and it is so good for you too. We love everything from walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain (almost 500 miles) to short day hikes close to home. Spending our summers in the Pacific Northwest where we grew up, we are spoiled by so many great day hikes close by. So I thought I would put together a list of my favorite day hikes in the Pacific Northwest.

Olympic Peninsula

Definitely one of the most beautiful places to hike anywhere in the world, the Olympic Peninsula is the closest to my home of the regions I’ve listed here. Located in Washington State’s upper Northwest region, it offers both day and overnight hiking options for the novice to the advanced. Listed here are a handful of my favorite day hikes on the Olympic Peninsula.

South Fork Skokomish RiverMap it

South Fork Skokomish River

Beautiful and relatively easy with minimal incline (there is some but nothing too strenuous) this well-maintained trail skirts the South Fork of the Skokomish River in a region just Southwest of the lower Hood Canal. To walk the entire out and back it can be eleven miles or a bit more, or turn around at any point. Keep your eyes open for some beautiful and massive old cedar and Douglas fir trees. There are a handful of areas to access the river for your picnic or a place to rest and enjoy this peaceful location.

Parking is available

Northwest Forest Pass or America the Beautiful Pass Required

Learn more about Lower Skokomish trail here.

Storm KingMap it

Storm King view of Crescent Lake

We hiked this for the first time this past July and it is a climb! If you don’t want incline this one is not for you. But boy do you get some beautiful views from the top. The trail is steep and in places rocky as you traverse the 2 miles to the top. It’s popular on weekends so consider off season or mid-week. The last part to the peak requires use of ropes to conquer the top. Or just sit on the rocks and eat your lunch and let the young kids do that last part.

Parking is available at the Crescent Lake parking area

America the Beautiful Pass or Day Pass required

Learn more about Storm King and Crescent Lake here.

Lena LakeMap it

Lena Lake

I have hiked this trail all my life, since I was a little child and we used to hike overnight for our summer vacation. Some elevation to lower Lena, but it’s a perfect day hike at about 7 miles round trip. The incline is gentle and most anyone can do it. The trail does have some rocky areas and lots of roots but you will marvel at the beautiful old growth Douglas Firs. The turquoise blue lake is perfect for your lunch and then head back down. Overnight hikers can consider continuing on to upper Lena another xx miles.

Parking available

Northwest Forest pass or America the Beautiful Pass required

Learn more about Lena Lake here.

See more Olympic Peninsula Hikes here.

Close to Seattle

Visitors and locals in the Seattle area are lucky to have great day hikes a short drive or even a walk away. We often urban hike around Seattle and Ballard or head east of the city into the Cascade foothills for easy, accessible hikes.

Discovery ParkMap it

Discovery Park

A hidden gem in the City of Seattle, Discovery Park is just that – a surprising discovery! Suddenly you find yourself in a beautiful wooded park, on a bluff high above the Puget Sound or on the shore of a driftwood-littered beach. If you are in Seattle and are looking for the perfect day hike close to the city, this is it. Multiple hiking options through out this beautiful 534 acre city oasis. Who knew day hikes in the Pacific Northwest would include one in the heart of a city?

Parking is available.


Learn more here about Discovery Park.

Franklin FallsMap it

Franklin Falls

Less than an hour East of Seattle just off Interstate 90 is an easy little 2 mile hike to Franklin Falls on Denny Creek. This popular day trip from Seattle can get really crowded on a summer weekend. But check it out in the fall for a beautiful getaway with fall color, or in the spring when the falls are crashing from the winter melt. It’s a great multi-season destination and perfect for the whole family.

Limited Parking

Washington State Discover Pass or Day Pass required

Learn more about Franklin Falls and the Denny Creek campground here

See more close to Seattle hikes here.

North Side of Mount Rainier

The North side of Mount Rainier is easily accessed from central and south Puget Sound and is one of my most favorite places to hike. There are many choices but the ones listed below are some of my favorite.

Tolmie PeakMap it

Tolmie Peak

I love this hike, even though the road getting to the trailhead can be rough. Start at the Mowich Lake campground and hike the 7 miles round trip to one of the best views in all of Washington State. Passing by Eunice Lake and continuing up to an abandoned fire look out where you will not only enjoy a stunning Mount Rainier view but on a clear day you will also see Mount Baker, Glacier Peak and Mount Saint Helens.

Parking Available

America the Beautiful Pass or Day Pass required

Learn more about Tolmie Peak here.

Spray ParkMap it

Spray Park

This trail also begins at Mowich Lake on the south end. The first quarter mile your are walking on the Wonderland trail before the Spray Park trail branches off. This trail (6 miles RT) takes you through a beautiful and delicate sub-alpine meadows and along to Spray Falls. In late summer an abundance of wildflowers make the trail popular especially on the weekend. Gentle incline and this is easy for most anyone.

Parking available

America the Beautiful Pass or Day Pass required

Learn more about Spray Park trail here.

Summit LakeMap it

Summit Lake

On a clear day you can see forever. No joke. This hike is worth the elevation gain of about 1300 feet over about 3 miles. It’s just gorgeous. The road to get there is not so gorgeous though so be sure to have a all-wheel drive if possible. The road often has snow into June. The best time to hike here is June through October.

Parking Available

Northwest Forest Pass or America the Beautiful Pass required.

Learn more about Summit Lake here.

Crystal MountainMap-it

Crystal Mountain

The Mount Rainier gondola at Crystal Mountain ski resort is open in the summer and zips you up 2400 feet to the top of the ski area for a spectacular view. On a clear day you can see a succession of mountains including Rainier, Saint Helens, Adams and Baker through out the Cascade range. Hikers can hike down the mountain enjoying the wildlife and subalpine meadows, small lakes and creeks along the way or you can ride the gondola back down.

Parking Available

Gondola price ranges from $19-34. Online reservations are available.

Learn more about the gondola here.

South Side of Mount Rainier

More remote than the North side of Mount Rainier, the Southside, including the Sunrise Visitor Center, has fewer visitors so is a good choice during peak season. But it does take longer to get there. Overnight in the Ashford or Packwood area makes for a nice multi-day visit.

Sheep Lake and Sourdough Gap Map it

Sheep Lake

We just did this hike for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I loved it. The weather was not very cooperative however, so we did only about five miles. This trail, part of the Pacific Coast Trail, goes on and on, and I really would like to return and see more of it next summer. The first part up to Sheep Lake is very easy as the trail wanders along the ridge and then inland to the lake. Continuing on you have several options to Sourdough Gap as well as Crystal Lake. This hike skirts Mount Rainier National Park and falls within the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.

We had the place to ourselves on a fairly stormy fall day, but this hike can be very busy on a nice summer weekend. Consider midweek or fall. The fall colors were excellent.

Parking Available

America the Beautiful or Northwest Forest Pass Required

Learn more about Sheep Lake here.

Burroughs MountainMap it

Burroughs Mountain

On this five mile hike that leaves from the Sunrise Visitor Center in Mount Rainier National Park you will get as close as possible to Mount Rainier without actually climbing the mountain. There are three Burroughs peaks on this hike, and snow is often on or near the trail well into the summer months so come prepared. It feels like a moonscape, and yet a few flowers and plants flourish as do several small mammals.

Parking Available

America the Beautiful Pass or Day Pass Required

Learn more about Burroughs Mountain here

Silver FallsMap it

Silver Falls

This very easy 3 mile round trip hike starts at the Ohanapekosh campground and leads you to one of the prettiest waterfalls in Mount Rainier National Park. Easy meandering trail through beautiful forest, offers a great option for families or those looking for less incline with a big impact. Spectacular hike.

Parking Available although limited

America the Beautiful or Day Pass Required

Learn more about Silver Falls here.

Grove of the PatriarchsMap it

Grove of the Patriarchs

One of the most magical hikes in Mount Rainier, Grove of the Patriarchs is a wonderland of old growth trees, some as old as 1000 years. This easy 1.5 mile round trip hike can be done by anyone, including children. It’s a remarkable oasis of nature’s beauty and a reminder of the importance of preservation and care of our natural wonders.

Parking available but limited

Learn more about Grove of the Patriarchs here.

Summerland TrailMap it

Summerland Trail

This beautiful alpine trail is 8.5 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 2100 feet as you traverse from wildflower meadows up into subalpine tundra admiring views of Mount Rainier along the way. Steady incline and occasional rough trail make this better for more experienced hikers. Snow can be present into early summer. Very popular on weekends and parking is limited so come midweek, fall or early in the day.

Parking available on the road but limited

America the Beautiful or Day Pass required

Learn more about the Summerland Trail here.

Learn more about all hikes in Mount Rainier National Park here

And Many More

mount rainier
Hiking with the family Summit Lake

There are many more hiking options both for day and overnight that I have not listed here including trails North and farther South. Two great websites to learn more about day hikes in the Pacific Northwest are and Washington Trails Association

Be sure to check the weather before setting off on any hike in the Pacific Northwest, as even in the summer it can be unpredictable. Be prepared to encounter wildlife, bring bug spray and sunscreen and plenty of water. And always make sure someone knows where you are going.

With a little preparation, day hikes in the Pacific Northwest are rewarding, invigorating and always stunningly beautiful. Go outside!

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  • Reply Bree

    So many amazing walks/hikes you can do. Beautiful scenery …

    October 23, 2020 at 3:15 pm
  • Reply Alison

    These sound fabulous Laureen. We’re just over the border so when it’s open again we’ll come do some of them! We do short hikes close to home every day, and just 10 mins from where we live we’re at the Fraser River and can easily see Mt Baker on a clear day. The PNW is such an awesome place!

    October 24, 2020 at 10:14 am
    • Reply Laureen

      I too hope to enter Canada again soon…oi!

      October 24, 2020 at 3:19 pm
  • Reply Anita

    I love day hikes and all listed look just awesome. If I would need to choose just one, it would be a Crystal Mountain hike taking Mount Rainier gondola first. Thanks for sharing!

    August 7, 2021 at 9:58 am
    • Reply Laureen

      That is a very special one.

      August 8, 2021 at 10:27 am
  • Reply Linda (LD Holland)

    We are hoping to head south into the Pacific Northwest when we head to British Columbia this fall. It is great to have a list of different hikes we could plan on our visit. I like that there are some very easy hikes on this list for a stop on a driving day.

    August 7, 2021 at 4:24 pm
    • Reply Laureen

      Let me know if I can answer any PNW questions for you!

      August 8, 2021 at 10:27 am
  • Reply Alma

    We love walking and hiking, albeit a bit slower these days and of course choose the not so strenuous ones! The Pacific Northwest looks like just the spot and a lovely place to hike.

    August 8, 2021 at 1:53 am
  • Reply Jan

    Great choice of day hikes in the Pacific Northwest! I have done a bit of traveling here and I loved it. Sheeplake and Silver falls look awesome and inviting. I am bookmarking your blog for future reference. 🙂

    August 8, 2021 at 10:55 am
  • Reply Nancy

    What a wonderful variety of hikes you have here. I always love a hike that ends at a lake or waterfall. Thanks for sharing all the tips about the levels of difficulty. So helpful!

    August 9, 2021 at 6:50 am
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