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Some days the Grand Adventure just isn’t grand

A rough start in Namibia

Location: Namibia

It was a tough travel day. Maybe as I’m getting older those days are getting harder?  Long travel days can take a toll, and some days on the Grand Adventure just aren’t Grand.

No flights direct to Namibia from Morocco. We flew from Casablanca to Doha Qatar. The nine-hour flight was fine. Full plane but 787 is a nice plane so comfortable.  Three hour layover in Doha was fine.  Eleven hour flight from Doha to Windhoek Namibia, also a 787, was strangely empty. So we

Welcome to Namibia

could stretch out and sleep. But then Arne started to feel poorly, and then really sick.

My husband never gets sick – it’s always me.

Landed in very hot Windhoek and began the six-hour drive on gravel road to our desert lodge.  When we arrived at the beautiful lodge Arne immediately went to bed. Where he stayed for the next 24 hours.

Meanwhile I go to dinner with our guide (whose name is Seven)and the two other guests who are with us for only the first three days.  We enjoyed

Our cabin at the beautiful Agama River lodge

dinner and a lovely native song and dance by the staff.

Woke up at 5:00am for our tour to the UNESCO site of the Namib Desert dunes but Arne was still sick. So I head off on the tour. About an hour down the road I am hit with a wave of nausea, cold sweat and shakes.  We pull over and I dash behind a bush. Ugh.

Seven decides to take me a half an hour back to a clinic so I can rest there while they continue with

At the clinic

the tour. I felt bad and didn’t want the other guests to miss the tour so this seemed like a good solution. We were lucky to be near this clinic as the next one was hundreds of miles away.

I was the only person at the clinic where I was given some drugs for stomach virus and tucked into bed where I slept for nearly six hours before being retrieved by Seven and returned to the lodge.  I found Arne still in bed but awake.

Now that we are feeling better, looking forward to seeing lots of wildlife

So we did not get to see the famous dunes, the world’s oldest.  And we did not get to celebrate our wedding anniversary. But sometimes shit happens.  We are still both not 100% but are eating again and back on the tour.  Lots more to see in  the next week so happy to be on the mend.

Mama said there would be days like this.  Welcome to Namibia!


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  • Reply Dina Vodopich

    So sorry you both are ill, but thank goodness it isn’t serious for a hospital stay! Get well and keep safe! Happy Anniversary ~

    November 29, 2017 at 4:28 pm
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