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Oodles of Noodles

Chapter Five

(Note – this is a repost of a blog from my last visit to Asia in 2016.  I am currently traveling in China again, but unable to blog until next week.  So please enjoy this post again, and watch for a new Surprising China post coming soon.)

Oodles of noodles inside of me

Oodles of noodles on the menu I see

Breakfast is noodles like warm yummy pho

Cheap and delicious it’s so good for ya

Bun is for lunch served hot in a bowl

All of these noodles are good for the soul

Oodles of noodles sold by vendors on the street

Oodles of noodles eaten on a tiny red seat

Dinner is Bahn Cahn or Bahn Bo Hue

Not sure what I’m eating, it’s all noodles to me

Warm yummy broth served with grilled pork too

Or maybe it’s Chicken or fish in the stew

Oodles of noodles each meal of the day

Point at what looks good then take it away

Oodles of noodles served in the Vietnamese style

Trying each kind will take a while

Oodles of noodles I’m so glad I’m here

Eat me some noodles with an ice cold beer

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    So enjoying your posts!! Thank you!

    February 7, 2017 at 5:03 am
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